Insights on the Different Types of Houses in Australia

Insights on the Different Types of Houses in Australia

Housing in Australia can be expensive, especially in capital cities. However, Australia provides homeowners with plenty of great choices. There are different styles of houses to choose from in the country based on your budget and lifestyle preferences. Which is right for you? Choosing the right layout can be overwhelming. That’s why it is essential to understand basic architectural style to get a better idea to choose the style that fits you when you build a house.

Here are some of the most common housing styles in Australia:-

Stand-alone House

A stand-alone home is similar to a Bungalow. This type of house owners owns the land and builds any form of housing within the boundaries as long as it doesn’t violate the regulations. You can buy a land and build your dream house. It is commonly found in the outskirts of cities or in regional areas. According to the Urban Development Institute of Australia, the average lot size in Australia’s five capital cities is 423m2.

The size of the land usually varies from one to another based on the distance, location, and price. The stand-alone house is the most popular choice among Australians with children as they have more accommodation and garden space. However, you’ll have to pay for land rates, and the build-up size usually depends on the land sizes. You can either build a single storey or double-storey. Discuss with your Sydney builders to come up with a stand-alone house plan that suits your lifestyle.

Although a boom in new apartment construction is taking place in Australia, people preferring single-family homes is greater than in the UK.


It is a single-family housing that shares a common wall with the house next to it. This type of house can give you more privacy than an apartment and less maintenance than a house. However, the price can be higher in premium suburbs where especially land is scarce and demand is high.


Duplex is a residential building containing two homes that share a common wall. Many families love this type of dwellings as they are budget-friendly and drive up to two rental incomes incomparable with two detached houses, but at a lower land cost. A duplex house plan will have two living units attached which are next to each other as townhouses or beside each other, on an upper and lower level like apartments. Duplexes usually require a building insurance policy that covers both homes.


Luxury, Sustainable homes are trending in Australia! This type of homes tower into the skies and offer several features that includes lots of glass and windows, and even smart, tech-savvy upgrades. The home builders NSW can help you build a smart home.

As you see, you can find many types of houses in Australia, which has their own influence, story, and design. When you approach the best builders in Sydney, building a custom home becomes easier.

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