Innovative Hybrid App Development Trends in 2020

Companies offering hybrid application development services are blooming each day. Hybrid apps are so efficient and easy to build that they have attained enormous popularity within a short period. 

Hybrid applications have become an excellent alternative to traditional applications and are famously utilized by developers all around the globe. 

The advancement of hybrid applications is vital, and 2020 is expected to bring progressive and transformative possibilities to the hybrid app development industry. 

In the beginning, developers were suspicious about going forth with developing a hybrid app since it was believed to be slower in performance, in comparison to Native applications. 

However, Not one company that developed a hybrid application has ever faced difficulties with its performance and speed.

If we look at it, technically, as the innovation propels, there will be a significant speedup in hybrid applications. With this, differentiating between a native app and a hybrid application will be a tough task, keeping speed as a parameter. 

So there is no need to be skeptical, so go straight to a hybrid mobile app development services company and start with the work. 

The Hybrid app development industry is sure to see many trends by the end of 2020.

These may be:

Chatbots are remarkable features of an application that provides continuous responses to user’s queries. They offer a personalized touch to the user-computer conversation that takes place in an application. 

In future chatbots will be the virtual assistant, your application will provide to its users. 

You can apply to react-native services to integrate innovative chatbots into your hybrid application. Making sure your application remains up to date. 

  • Block-chain based apps:

Blockchain has always been the most progressive technology since it was introduced. And there is no point in disregarding the integration and need of blockchains in the hybrid application of 2020. 

Blockchains have proved to be a fantastic innovation to facilitate secure and well-preserved transactions online. 

Hence, if you are planning to develop a hybrid application, take up hybrid app development services offered by any reputed company and start with the integration of blockchain into your e-commerce app. 

Reports suggest that the blockchain technology will grow significantly in the future, attaining the market value of $20 billion by 2024. 

  • AR-VR Healthcare applications:

The growth in the Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) applications have been massive. It came as a huge surprise when the world started using AR and VR applications and out of nowhere, they became super popular in such less time.

Hence, many healthcare applications started integrating the AR-VR feature into their hybrid applications. The apps helped medical practitioners to obtain a precise view of the human body and its structures without having to adopt intrusive methods, making diagnostics a convenient process for both the medical practitioner and the patient. 

This has led to more arranged and secure personalized data for medical attendants.

The easiness would make this a huge trend in the coming future too. Iterating AR and VR technology into your medical hybrid application will surely bring transformative measures into the healthcare sector worldwide. 

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning-Based applications (AI/ML):

The world is fighting with the COVID pandemic in its own way. However, the most effective method known globally is to avoid all human contacts for as long as possible. 

Hence, industries have adopted the work from home culture. Remote working has become a globally adopted culture in almost every company, especially IT. 

The pandemic has brought revolutionary changes into the tech world, and the only lesson we obtain out of it is that the future of work is remote. If it is so, then companies would largely depend on AI/ML to execute tasks; otherwise, humans would’ve performed.

Hence, implementing AI/ML technologies into your hybrid application is the best idea. But remember to do it before everyone else has already done it. You need to be quick and smart if you need to sustain it in the app development industry.

Integrating all these fantastic trends into your hybrid application will not be a head-hurter if you obtain the services of a hybrid mobile app development company. They are experts in their field and hence would provide you with better inputs to generate higher outputs. Hire Developers for mobile app development.


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