Indianapolis: More Than Just NASCAR

As incredible as Indianapolis is, it’s usually only known for one thing: racecars. There’s more to this city than fast cars and loud crowds, though! If you want to get to know Indianapolis, these are some of the top stops to make so you can get the most out of your trip! 


Beautiful art stored in a beautiful museum? Perfect! Newfields is an art museum and a charitable foundation. Not only does it invest in local artists and give them the chance to grow and make a space for themselves in the world, but it also displays their art so we can all enjoy their creations.

Creativity and thinking outside of the box are vital to allowing our society to grow and change over time, so it’s important to check Newfields out! 

The Indianapolis Zoo

Whether you want to get face to face with a tiger or you’re more interested in watching the soothing vibes of elephants in their enclosures, you’ll love the Indianapolis Zoo. Part zoo, part botanical garden, there’s life from around the entire world here, and a lot to enjoy and take in.  

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

When you’re ready for your kids to blow off some steam after a long week of looking at Indianapolis houses for sale: it’s time to make a stop at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis! This museum is aimed at children and gives them the opportunity to explore the history and incredible story of this world and the people and creatures who live here. In over 400,000 square feet, your child can learn in both exhibit and hands-on styles and have all of their senses involved in taking in the information. You’ll love it, and your kid will want to come back time and time again.  

The Eiteljorg Museum

This massive museum centers around the lives and history of people indigenous to North America and the art and creative endeavors they’ve followed. This museum is home to the largest collection of native contemporary art in the world and will amaze you at every turn.

Since this is a museum and art gallery, you could spend an entire weekend exploring it and still find new things to look at and enjoy. This is an amazing place to visit for anyone heading into town.  

The Indiana State Museum

Indiana has had a lot of history packed into how long it’s been a state, and this museum walks you through every step of it! From the fantastic IMAX experience that walks you through the science, culture, art, and history of the state- to the incredible exhibits that are constantly updated and replaced, you always have something new and fun to check out.

This museum runs from prehistoric times to today and even bridges into what the future may be like for this state. If you have the time for it, consider checking out this museum!  

This City Has So Much to Offer! 

From awesome museums to a great zoo and even more, Indianapolis has so much to offer. Consider checking out some of these great destinations next time you’re in town! 

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