Increasing Your Sales Online Post COVID Through Paid Social Advertising

This century has seen globalization like no other, owing to the boom of social media. People of all age groups are engaging in various activities in social media. Social media barely has the discipline and can be utilised for a range of things. It has not yet reached its full potential. What the power of social media can achieve is still blurred on the boundaries of academic and popular studies in social media to business and marketing and its role in our modern digital age. It has become predominant in both our personal and professional life amidst the pandemic. Organizations across various sectors are utilising social media that features a mix of perspectives and insights on the conventional definition of social communication and practice of the same in various fields. Brands are also reaching out to social media agencies that hold expertise in the field. One thing that the pandemic has shown us is that digital is no longer an extra skill to have for your marketing. It needs to be considered and maybe even prioritized in the entire process.
Paid social media campaigns are a great way, especially now, to reach people that you might not have been able to reach organically. Facebook, for example, has an algorithm that has its users see approximately 2 per cent of branded posts in the news feed. Various social media platforms will help to increase traffic. There are several platforms like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc where you can maximize your visibility. Research has shown that 90 per cent of marketers say that social media has increased exposure for their business and also increased traffic. There are some very important reasons why paid social media advertising increases sales. Facebook accounts for one in every six minutes spent online. Customers in today’s time expect brands to have a social media presence. To convert your online audience to your potential customers, brands should reach out to social media agencies that will help them increase their sales. Research also shows that 75 per cent of Twitter users follow small businesses to get product updates.
Each social media platform is different and has a different audience. It serves different purposes.
Facebook advertising: Facebook is one of the best options for advertisement as it allows both text and photos to be displayed for maximum audience engagement. Facebook also allows you to target your audience based on interests, geography, demographics, etc. You can also determine how much you want to pay per click.
Twitter advertising: The best part of advertising on Twitter is the tweet engagements like a retweet, favourites, replies, etc. It allows you to choose the objective of your campaign like website clicks, engagements, followers, app installs etc. Twitter charges you only if your specified action occurs.
YouTube Advertising: YouTube is the second largest search engine. Videos play a big role in purchasing decisions. Research shows that in 2019, 80% of the global internet traffic was accounted for by videos. Unlike television, you can have a target audience on YouTube.
Each platform has specific types of ads that help meet a specific goal. It helps build traffic to your website, build brand awareness, generate leads, boosts engagements with your page or posts, increase app installs, increase conversations. Hence, it is very important to choose the right channel for social media advertising. There are many social media networks, and more are emerging every day. You can also find paid social advertising agencies that will help you make a strong online presence, which will help increase your sales.
Social media agencies share that social media marketing remains the most effective way to engage people in your business, get their interest and drive them towards your website and becomes more efficient and easier because of its ever-changing targeting abilities. Given that people are using social media even more than ever, you must keep the content fresh and creative. Users are likely to tune out quickly if it is mundane and old. The world is changing; hence the ads also need to change with it. People are more aware, educated and woke. It is time that we put real faces, real insights and show a more humane side of the story. Offering something new, something different will bring a diverse population in; bring in new conversations and perspectives to your channel. Paid social advertising agencies will assist your brand to achieve goals and avoid a content rut.
The pandemic has everybody on edge. You have to know what would grab a person’s attention, what would they want to see, what would work best, animations, GIFs, video clips or other engaging visuals? There should always be a solid call to action.
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