Importance Of Sports In A Child’s Life


Being involved in sports activities, be it team-based or individual, helps children get many benefits beyond physical stamina. Participating in sports can help build self-esteem and confidence, motivate children to excel in whatever they do and also become good team players. Here are a few reasons why every child should involve in some sports activity:

Physical Activity

Today’s children spend most of their time browsing the internet and playing video games. This can prove to be extremely harmful for their health as they rarely involve themselves in physical activities. Every child should be encouraged as much as possible to involve in sports and games as this helps their bodies to build stamina and remain healthy.

Self-Esteem & Confidence

Involving in sports can have a huge impact on the child’s self-esteem and confidence. The more they play a sport, the more they push themselves and this will help them build more self-confidence. They understand the rush that victory gives and they will continue to work hard for it. This helps them build a great personality.

Team Work

When a child is involved in a team sport like a basketball or football, he/she conditions himself/ herself to be a component of a system and hence work in harmony with others. This teaches the child the importance of co-ordinating activities with other people and also learn to ‘give & take’.

Social Skills

When a child gets involved in a sports activity, he/she interacts with many other children of various ages, with coaches and many other people. This teaches the child how to interact with people of various ages and this remains a great learning for the child for life.

Life-long Health

Participation in sports promotes health and wellness not only through childhood but throughout a child’s life. Children who participate in sports might also be more aware of the food choices they make and try to eat healthy. Parents and teachers must do their best to encourage sports and games in every child’s life.

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