Importance of Hand Sanitizer at Workplace and Where to Place It

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The spread of COVID-19 has compelled people to take stricter measures to secure their health

All of the worlds have been in quarantine for quite a long time. However, now countries are stepping out of it at a snail pace. We see gradual leniency in government’s rules and regulations regarding the lockdown that took place throughout the world. 

The SaaS-CoV-2, known as the CoronaVirus, has been an active, aggressive virus that has infected millions of people since December 2019. 

Although the virus is known to have a low mortality rate, it is evident that it spreads like fire. 

It can be transmitted through mucus droplets exchanged during human contact or by touching an infected object and then touching your eyes, ears, or mouth. 

The only way to avoid the virus is to protect yourself from the infected droplets using elements of PPE kits.

Another right way to kill the virus, or to wipe it away from any surface is to sanitize it.

If you need to avoid getting infected, perform proper hand hygiene at all times, which means washing hands in short intervals or using a sanitizer at all times.

Since we are moving forward to the end of lockdown, with workplaces reopening soon, companies need to take full care of their employee’s health and sanitize the office as well as provide sanitation facilities at offices too. 

It is recommended for companies to buy sanitizer online and place it at their work stations. If possible, provide other PPE equipment like masks and face shields to their employees to ensure better safety. 

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What Is The Need Of Sanitizer At Workplace?

Anyone completes a task using their hands, and so do your employees. If you think your employees are using their hands more than they use a pen or a laptop. Even to use those they need to use their hands. 

All sorts of tasks require the use of a hand, be it greeting an employee with a handshake, or opening a door, or even writing a report. 

Although the CoronaVirus has forced us to avoid human contact at most, there are still many things we can’t avoid, like opening a door. 

All these activities expose us to getting infected with the virus. 

In fact, if we look at data provided by, even before the virus had hit. US companies incurred a loss of $225.8 billion just because their employees got sick contracting bacteria from their workplace. 

Around 80% of all infections are transmitted through one’s own hands. 

Hence, it becomes incredibly crucial to implement hand hygiene at the workplace, especially during current times.

Where To Place These Sanitizers At Your Office?

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, many studies showed that regular use of alcohol-based hand sanitizer could reduce the chances of employees falling sick, in general

A report featured in BMC infectious disease suggests that if employees use alcohol-based sanitizers five times a day at minimum, it can result in a two-third decrease in the rate of people falling sick due to contracting infection at their workplace.

Coming back to the current situation, even the World Health Organization (WHO) suggests that using a sanitizer can refrain you from contracting the deadly SARS-CoV-2. 

So if you buy a PPE kit online, make sure an alcohol-based sanitizer is a part of it.

If you are too planning to reopen your business, call your employees back to work to all the owners of an organization. It is highly recommended that you place sanitizer bottles at places that are easily reachable for your employees, and is always within their site. 

It is crucial to place sanitizers near communal areas and high-touch surfaces. 

Here Are Some Ideas On Where You Can Place Them:

  • Entrance and Exits:
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A single doorknob could be deadly for your organization and can cause widespread infection at your workplace. 

Studies suggest that a doorknob can pass the virus to 40-60% of the employees within a time of two to four hours working within the same area. 

Make sure you frequently disinfect high-touch areas like doorknobs, switches, etc. and provide sanitizers at the entrance and exit to limit the spread of the virus. 

  • Cafeterias and Break Rooms:

The virus is hazardous if it enters your body while you eat food with infected hands. Make sure your organization doesn’t make a fool of itself by being a hotspot for the virus. Provide proper sanitization to all the kitchen staff and place sanitizers at lunchrooms and cafeterias. 

  • Meeting Rooms:

Meeting rooms are often packed with clients, employees, and other visitors who commonly greet each other with a formal handshake. This may seem pretty reasonable, but even a single handshake can be deadly at this point.

We suggest refraining from any human contact, but if you think it’s rude. At least make sure you perform proper hand hygiene, sanitize or wash it properly and then go for a handshake. The provision of sanitizers is significant in this space. 

  • Employees Desk:
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Desks, monitors, laptops are all the objects frequently touched by employees. Considering that the employees spend most of their time at their desks, eating, talking, spilling, coughing, and sneezing all in one place becomes a hotspot for viruses. 

The transmission is highly possible through their desks if someone else touches their stuff. 

The employer must place a sanitizer at employee’s desks to avoid the transmission of COVID-19 or any other virus. 

Plus, placing individual sanitizers at desks keeps hand hygiene within reach and efficiently practiced. 

There may be other “high-traffic areas” at your workplace which you think can be a transmitting zone, like smoking rooms, bathrooms, etc. make sure you buy sanitizer online in reasonable quantities and place them in each area you think can be a ‘transfer zone.’ 

If we have to get out of the lockdown and never face a similar situation again, we have to practice hygiene of all kinds. Make efficient use of all PPE Equipment and abide by the state’s regulation and advice. 

It is a relief that companies are reopening, but we have to make sure it doesn’t go back to what it is now. 

If you are having a hard time finding items of PPE kits in bulk, many sites are offering a PPE kit online. Search the web and do the needful. 

Happy reopening!