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Everyone on this planet enjoys laughing, so the saying goes. Well, I don’t think everyone does, but the majority of people would want to chuckle at someone else’s comedy.

You can always chuckle or take pleasure in reading a humorous book or article. Have you ever attempted to write a humorous essay yourself? Have you ever attempted to produce a humorous piece at all?

If you are able to produce non-comedic books, articles, and book writing solution, the very prospect of producing something amusing and then revealing it to someone else can make your heart race or your hair stand on end.

There are many writers in the world who are capable of writing honestly and seriously about a vast array of themes. However, I believe that only a select handful would be aware of how to include that one magical element in their writing to make it pleasant and interesting.

How to Write Seriously About Humor?

  • Humor is that one amazing ingredient.

If you want your writing to be enjoyed by your target audience, you need to include some appropriate clean humor.


Even when they include a lot of helpful information, most books and articles lack humor, which renders them very unpalatable. Any topic you are familiar with may be written about easily, but when you try to add humor to it, things can get quite tricky.

  • If you took too many liberties, it might even be dangerous.

If you want to write humor and make your work entertaining for the audience, you must grasp some basic humor guidelines. Humorous people have no boundaries in their thinking or what they are about to publish.

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You ought to be able to think in absurd, abominably wicked, insane, nonsensical, and illogical terms. “Thinking outside the box” is the term most current management consultants use to describe this.

Still, in my opinion, this originality and comedy are too dated and have been around for a very long time. The readers’ perception of your writing as humorous is what matters most.

The author of the comedy need not appear amusing or engage in any absurd behavior. You have to be that writer who nobody ever suspects of producing such humorous material. You don’t have to be the most serious person in the room to write the best humor. Your personality would become more interesting and mysterious as a result.

Most people mistakenly believe that humor writing consists only of making jokes about other people or things, yet the best humorists frequently parody themselves or their own lives.


  • Self-directed humor is always the funniest.

If you make fun of yourself, people will almost always laugh; if you make fun of others, they could become offended.

  • You need to surprise your audience when writing humor.
  • Not to tell or declare that your goal is humorous, in other words.
  • The audience doesn’t need to be informed that they will encounter something amusing.
  • Let the readers come to their own conclusions.

Make sure the language you use is clear and straightforward enough for anyone reading it to understand. A piece of unfinished writing can never be totally polished and ready to go.

  • One may compare humor to a diamond.

It has to be trimmed, enhanced, polished, and refined. You should go over it again and try using a stronger phrase or a little bit of slyer language. Remove anything that doesn’t feel right and change it to a much higher degree. Leave a humorous essay alone once you’ve finished writing it for a few days. If you come back to it later, you would undoubtedly find fresh information to add.

  • Keep in mind that foul language is not permitted.

You shouldn’t mock somebody for their language, caste, religion, color, or physical limitations. Humor doesn’t involve making light of anyone’s private life. These kinds of jokes have the potential to ignite riots or even war. Additionally, it can discredit you because you employed dark humor, which is not often acceptable.

  • To provide key back-story information.

As you know, Bob” dialogue, in which one character informs another of something they are both aware of for the reader’s advantage, is a common example of an obvious writing error. Character integrity is violated since they would never say something like that in real life. However, there are two situations in which fictional characters do (and are permitted to) express knowledge shared by both discussion partners:

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Similar to a writing voice, each person’s sense of humor is unique. It comes down to what you believe is best and most natural for you because not everything is made of the same stuff. Not sure which type will benefit you the most? Keep reading. Read humor that is slapstick, deadpan, satirical, and outrageous. You just need to determine what humor resonates with you the most and incorporate it into your writing because there is humor out there for everyone, and I do mean everyone.

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