How To Use A Blog For Google SEO Benefits in 2020

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In this era, people go for only trustworthy websites and you can get their trust by having a better rating on multiple search engines.

This can only be done if you upload things related to your content on multiple search engines. You can do this by taking the help of Blogs.

What Are Blogs?

Blogs are simple articles that you can write upon the details of the content you are providing, may it be videos, products or other websites.

When you write blogs, these blogs get uploaded on multiple websites and thus, on multiple search engines.

Out of the seven billion people at least a million will be reached by these websites and that is enough for the promotion of your content and SEO.

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There are some specific things you should keep in mind while writing blogs. These will help you gain more readers and hence more people will know about your content.

1. Text: The text provided in the blog should have attractive phrases that would pull the reader towards reading your article.

You can simply create your own specific phrases or search for them on the internet.

2. Length: The length of your blogs matters the most. As it is obvious, in this advanced world the majority of the people would not prefer reading a whole book to get to know about something which is being advertised.

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So instead of writing long paragraphs, just give the most important details according to you and write to the point.

3. Simplicity: The words used in your blogs or articles should be very easy and convenient to understand.

Try using words that are used by people more often so that multiple kinds of people can understand your message and then search for your suggested product or website.

How blogs help in SEO?

Blogs can be very helpful with SEO as they can get more people attracted to your content. Today, the fastest-growing platforms are social media websites and content writing. You can easily get your content on the top of the search engine by the help of linking or anchor texting in a blog,

People would go and search for a query if it is related to your product or website, the blogs will appear on the top of the search engine, and from there, people will be guided to your preferred website or link. This is a great way to help you with your SEO.

Moreover, blogs turn out to attract the people who trust more upon texts than videos and there are people who actually do that.

This is how your blogs are going to be forwarded or promoted on multiple social media websites and in the end, they are going to help you to spread information about your specific website, topic or product.


In this article, we tried our best to provide you with information about what blogs are and how can they help you with SEO. As the world proceeds and more advancements are done, there are going to be multiple ways in which the SEO is going to be affected.

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And blogs put a great impact on SEO and help you with easy and no spending promotion of your desired website or products.

SEO gets easier to use but complicated to understand, but we have tried to provide you with the most simple and uncomplicated details of the query done. This article consists of no phrases or words which a person cannot understand.

We hope that we have helped you get a better understanding of blogs and SEO and in the future, this information is going to benefit you to the fullest.


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