How to Stay Safe While Driving on Roads


Road traffic is one of the biggest killers of young people across the world. As per a report of WHO, there were around 1.35 million of deaths in 2018 due to road accidents. Many studies done on road accidents reveal that road traffic injury will be the seventh primary cause of deaths by 2021.

These two studies clearly state that people, like you, need to be more careful while driving their vehicles on the road. Here are some practical steps on how to maintain safety while driving on highways for your help:

Stay focused on driving

Make safe driving your first priority whether you are alone or with someone in your car. Avoid receiving any call or messaging texts to your close one whether it is urgent for you. You can receive the call or text your messages by taking your vehicle side on the road. Any hassle in your focus on driving may lead to you an accident, and even death, as it is hard to control the speed. Many studies have found that one out of four car accidents occurs due to the use of mobile distractions. The studies have also considered free-hand calls as distractions.

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Follow the signage and signs installed on roads

Road signs directing speed limit, pedestrian crossing, road reflectors & delineators, and other symbols are for a reason. They are placed to guide you on how you should drive your vehicle. Apart from following the direction on speed limits, you must be aware of the vehicles around and in front of you. Stay focused on the signs and traffic signals that come in your way while driving. To safeguard yourself and others, never cross the mentioned speed limit and do whatever the install road signs state you to do while being on the driving seat of your vehicle.

Be defensive while driving your car

Your actions behind the wheel have a direct impact on you and others with you in your vehicle, apart from other road users. In the same way, the actions of other drivers can affect you and others on the road. To avoid any wrong thing, you must use defensive driving tricks. Further, you must be aware of probable hazards, such as bad weather and bad behavior of other drivers. Have a close watch on vulnerable road users, like bikers, cyclists, and pedestrians that cause approximately 50% of deaths caused by car accidents. In simple words, you should be ready to be defensive when someone makes mistakes while using the road.


Avoid doing multitasks and never forget wearing seatbelt

While driving on the road, you must avoid doing multitasks. If you have to do another work such as taking fruits and drinking water with driving, side your vehicle and start driving when you complete that task.

Fastening the seatbelt of your vehicle is the most effective way to keep yourself protected from collision fatalities. Wearing safety belt facilitates your effort to stay safe and secure inside your car. In the case of a collision, your seatbelt protect you from hitting the steering wheel, vehicle door, windshield, or banging around your car. You must fasten your seatbelt correctly.

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Apart from the tips mentioned above, you need to maintain a safe braking distance, know the blind spots on a route, follow lane driving, avoid taking hard brakes and keep your car in good condition. Before you start driving your vehicle, have a close look all tires and the nut-bolts associated with them. Go for regular servicing. Caring everything will help you stay safe while driving on the road in any part of the world.