How to select the best fiberglass doors

All of you try to do your best when you are buying and installing exterior doors for your home. You get confused when you come across so many options in terms of metal, designs, and allied other things. Even if you select a metal, such as fiberglass, you are not sure on how to move forward in your door selection.

Here are some steps that can help you choose the best fiberglass doors:

Choose paintable or stainable doors  

First of all, you have to determine whether you should go with a paintable or stainable glass door for the exterior doors. Here, it means that you want to have your doors painted with your choice of colors, red, blue, or black. Or, you want a door that has a look of real wood with the benefits of glass.

At this place, you can narrow down your options for cost and styles. Some doors are available with smooth or stainable style and they have textured surfaces. You can attain a real-wood look with appropriately finished fiberglass doors.

The new doors at the main entrance of your can be installed raw or un-finished in the beginning. On your request, the technicians do drawing or painting work as per your provided specifications after the installation. In the unfinished or raw door installation, you may need a local pro to do the painting or staining work that can be time consuming for you. You can go with pre-finished fiberglass doors if you want to get them installed soon. In this, you can mention your choice (stain, or paint) while placing your order.

Decide the right one – a full decorative glass, a panel design, or both

Do you want to improve the beauty of your home with durability in mind? If yes, decorative fiberglass in your exterior sliding glass doors is an excellent option for you. Going with the decorative fiberglass doors is better for you, as the glass in such a door is safe and doesn’t get easily broken. When you come to the entrance of abundant natural light and easily see through from the outside, you will have to reconsider your option.

If safety and durability are your prime concerns, the decorative fiberglass is the best option. It is 1” thick and triple paned. The decorative pane is sealed between two outer layers of annealed safety glass. Due to this, such a door is very strong and no one can easily break it.

Your privacy is a different thing from your safety. Whether you go with a decorative glass or a panel design, there is space between designs. This space makes someone have an easy see through your home from the outside if you haven’t a curtain at your doors. However, these decorative glass doors with panel design are safe and give you a little privacy in comparison with simple glass doors.

Select the best brand

In your search for branded exterior sliding glass doors, you will come across many players that sell and install doors. However, very few of them are manufacturers. Whether you opt for a manufacturer or supplier in your locality, you need to focus on the overall quality of glass doors. You can choose the brand that is highly reputed and famous for offering designer and strong fiberglass doors. If you have no idea on brand name, you can discuss it with the technician or door replacement service provider.


According to a saying, a home starts at the door. It means you need to pay a lot of attention to your exterior doors, the main entrance of your home. For your exterior sliding glass doors, if you choose fiberglass, you need to decide what to go with paint/stain, a decorative glass/a panel design/both, and the brand. By taking your decision carefully and wisely, you will select the best exterior doors to beautify your home.

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