How to Optimize Your Home Kitchen Correctly


A kitchen is a critical part of a home. It is the place where family members are together to cook delicious dishes and eat the same. Sometimes, it is used to place other useful things, such as electricity bills. Some children use it for their study when their mothers are cooking meals. So, it is crucial to keep your home pantry organized so that you can easily find an object when you need it while preparing your breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Here are some practical steps on how to organize your home pantry:

Categorize things

Your kitchen gets cluttered when you leave things lying here & there. A cluttered home pantry becomes a troubled medium when you have issues with finding the items at the time of need. First of all, you should categorize the things you have in your kitchen. For example, you have bowls in different shapes and sizes. You should classify them as per their shapes, sizes, and uses. Apart from shapes and sizes, you can keep the usability of items and ingredients in mind while categorizing them.

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Store correctly

In the next step, you need to store utensils, place appliances, and manage allied items. In the storage, you have to keep different aspects, such as usage, in mind. Place the things that you frequently use in the front and less used items on the backside. Further, ensure that the goods of a category are placed together. For example, you are storing spoons in a cabinet. You should put all the spoons together so that you can remember where you have placed them. To quickly find them, you can mark your kitchen cabinets keeping the type/category of objects in mind.

Buy the requisite storage items

You may feel the shortage of space while organizing your kitchen. In such a case, you can think about purchasing shelves and cabinets with a set of kitchen drawer organizer. You can also shop a few hangers to hang some of the kitchen appliances, such as pans, frequently used tablespoons.

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Install dish dryers and hangers

Plates and dishes are the items that you frequently use to serve meals to your family members. Further, you have to dry them after washing in the basin. Installing dish dryers will help you keep your plates and dishes organized, apart from letting them dry.

Opt for installing open shelves

You should go with installing open shelves if you want to make your kitchen have a more prominent visual appearance. Apart from providing a big presence, open shelves help you keep some decorative items in your home pantry.

Ensure having white lights and cabinets

You can think about having white cabinets and lights in your kitchen if you want to make it have a more significant appearance. However, too much white can make your home pantry look dull. To escape from this, you can use wallpapers, place vases, and do whatever can help you make it attractive.

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Have smart appliances

Your kitchen optimization is worthless if you ignore the importance of smart appliances. You should think about buying natural as well as technologically advanced appliances your home pantry. For instance, having bamboo cutting boards or spoons can make you being eco-friendly. Automated refrigerators, chimneys, cookers, and microwaves can help you save energy.


Optimizing your kitchen is an excellent job. If done rightly, it helps you execute your meal preparation works fast and find the things easily. Further, it makes your kitchen look bigger and beautiful in look. By investing 2-3 hours on weekends, you can easily optimize your home pantry. Be ready to buy the requisite items as you decide to organize your kitchen.