How to maintain politeness and social distancing during this pandemic

In the current scenario, we have to take utmost care of our health to prevent the spread of Covid-19. It is only possible with social distancing, which means maintaining physical distance from each other. We have to maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from others, especially heeding out from home. It can be impolite and awkward, but it is critical in today’s world. In the contemporary world, being respectful, kind, and honest is a prime concern.

Here are some practical ways for being polite and maintaining a distance from others:

Use your pencil, pen, or stamp

Whether you have come out for shopping grocery, signing a few checks that need to be sent by mail, or signing a curbside of the receipt, you need to keep yourself away from this novel coronavirus and other germs outside. For this, you can bring your own pen, pencil, or even custom signature stamps for signing receipts or checks. You can easily wipe down your pen, pencil, or stamp with alcohol wipes. Self-inking signature stamps can help you in leaving thousands of clear and crisp impressions of your own signature.

Utilize technology

To contain the spread of Covid-19 infection, there is lockdown for more than two months. Without any valid reason, no one can come out of home. To safeguard yourself and others, you should stay at home and avoid social gatherings. For communicating with your relatives, friends, neighbors, and other well-wishers, use Google/Facebook/WhatsApp chats and do audio and video calls. Via a video call, you can feel being close to your friends, relatives, and others while communicating with them.

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Keep a safe distance

Some errands, such as grocery, medicines, or personal medical appointments, are essential things. For any of the essentials, you have to come out of your home. Whether you are at a grocery shop, medical store, or a clinic/hospital, you have to maintain a safe distance for the betterment of yourself and others. Try to have a distance of at least 6 feet from others.

Stay safe

For whatever you have come out of your home, you need to keep yourself safe. As far as possible, try not to touch any surface or a person. If you have come in physical contact with a surface or person while being outside of your home, sanitize your hands with alcohol-based hand sanitizer. After coming back home, do hand washing, wash your clothes and have a shower to get rid of the virus if there is any.

Use your words

While being out of your abode, you should speak politely to people who you want to converse with and request to give you a side. You can use phrases, like Sorry I am just trying to have a distance, or Please, have a distance from me and others. Your polite words and excellent communication will encourage people to do what they should do in the ongoing situation across the globe.

Use your body languages to greet others

In the current scenario, interactions and greetings have changed a lot. You avoid touching any surface for any reason while being the outside of your home. Most of you are behaving automatically, but not humanly. Except handshaking and hugging, there are numerous ways that you can use to greet others. Prayer hands, waves, and a bow are an excellent way to greet others while being outside or meeting someone.

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We are fortunate enough to have numerous ways to stay safe, be polite and greet others in the age of global health crisis. Maintaining a social distance doesn’t mean you should go into loneliness. Use technologies for oral/visual communication, and body gestures and words to greet others. Keep washing/sanitizing your hands and having shower after being in a physical contact with any surface outside.

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