How to lose money online

I have dedicated many articles to making money online even if I am also fairly experienced in losing insurance money online.
After all, I am almost 40 years old… sigh… and surfing the Internet for more than 15 years I have often stumbled upon advertisements that promise easy money in exchange for a small initial investment.
I don’t want to talk to you about the scams of institutions, banks, and insurance companies.
I want to tell you about all those who proposed to take me to the Field of Miracles in which to sow my four gold coins, waiting for at least two thousand to be born.
Sometimes I had the presumption that I could be the smartest one and, despite the obvious scam, that I could manipulate the situation to my advantage and ultimately make money. Nothing more wrong. In the end, you have to be careful, easy money does not exist and it is always lost.
Let’s review some tools for not earning.

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# 1 HYIP – High Yield Investment Program
# 2 FOREX, BINARY OPTIONS, and the like
# 1 HYIP – High Yield Investment Program
In this case, we are faced with companies that promise to invest their money in innovative and/or profitable sectors, guaranteeing a very high daily or weekly return.
These are Ponzi schemes, also called chain letters in which companies initially really pay interest, but at some point, when they have raised enough money, they stop payments leaving all investors in a panic.
Don’t fall for it because they will always cheat your money, there is no chance of earning. In the face of high earnings, you will risk losing everything quickly. Strongly not recommended.
# 2 FOREX, BINARY OPTIONS, and the like
The forex is the market for currencies which I have already spoken about here and that exposes a large number of risks, especially when operating with a high degree of leverage, that is taking the money borrowed. The price of currencies can fluctuate quickly and completely burn your account if you are on the wrong side.
Likewise, binary options are closer to betting than investing and expose you to many risks.
Both tools are offered by financial institutions and banks with poor reliability and who always use advertising as an advertising slogan to earn a lot in a few days.
In some moments you will also find yourself making money and convincing yourself that you have skills, but the truth is that with these tools it is very easy to lose, not to gain.

Trading is an expert professional that cannot be improvised. Of course, it is also possible to earn by buying and selling shares, but the operations must be weighed and it is difficult to guarantee a sure profit.
I would therefore ask you to be wary of those who promise you safe earnings thanks to foolproof and proven methods.

One must always ask oneself why a person who has the secret to wealth in hand decides to share it with others. Generosity? I do not believe it.
Likewise, I am wary of various companies that have created platforms called social trading.
They allow you to copy the winning trades of other traders and sometimes have funny names: Zulutrade, Etoro, Ayondo, SignalTrader, Tradeo. I have never earned it and I have never met anyone who has done so but I see many who advertise them as a method of easy and quick enrichment.
Until recently, all the youngsters dreamed of giving up everything and turning into Texas Holdem champions, imitating various national and international champions.
Today it is a little less fashionable, but we are just waiting for the next craze in the world of games, betting, and the like.
Even in the case of games, there are no easy ways to win at roulette, poker, or lotteries.
To be sure, we could distinguish between games related exclusively to luck and others in which the skill of the player also counts. In any case, it is always easy to lose money and the easiest money to make is money saved by not playing.
The internet is a huge opportunity to earn and start new businesses or finance new projects and ventures.
However, as in real life, it is necessary to select the offers that lead to nothing and will make us lose everything and valid and concrete offers.
As a general rule, remember that there is no possibility of earning easy money !!

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