How to Install & Activate NBC Network on FireStick?

Are you excited to viewing NBC with your FireStick? It is possible with the official NBC application that is available on Amazon’s Amazon App Store. I’ll explain how you can watch NBC using the official app as well as alternative methods in this article. Let’s first take a look at the basics of what NBC really is about.

NBC is a multi-media channel located within the United States. Join NBC and you’ll be able to stream interesting TV shows and stream sporting events. NBC doesn’t allow streaming across the globe. The shows it offers are exclusive and restricted. The following countries can be watched on NBC including The United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, Canada, and Germany. These countries allow you in order to enjoy unlimited TV shows, sports and series you must enable NBC in your FireStick. To access Unbreakable streaming, you’ll first must set up NBC onto your FireStick.

How can I Install NBC on FireStick

In this article I’ll explain how to install the NBC application for the Fire TV device. The procedure is easy and easy, so follow the steps listed below.

  1. Begin with opening your Fire TV home screen. Choose Find next.
  2. Scroll down, and then select from the Search tile.
  3. Input NBC in the box for search. Then, select NBC from the search results.
  4. The results of your search will appear a little time after. Select one of the tiles is easier. NBC tile.
  5. Click the Download or Get option on the NBC dashboard. Then, wait for your request to be processed by Amazon App Store. Amazon App Store.
  6. The program will begin downloading following that. The program on your Fire TV will automatically install it once it is downloaded.
  7. Start by pressing the button once it says Open. You can open the app right now, however I’ll guide you on how to open it using any device on the Fire TV in the following section.
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How can I Activate NBC on FireStick

If you don’t activate the NBC application using either the NBC Universal Profile or an account with a TV provider You won’t be able to make the most of the app. Let’s look at how to activate the application.

  1. To open a menu to access a menu, press and hold the button that is home on your Fire TV remote control.
  2. Select from the Apps tile.
  3. Choose it to launch the NBC application. It may take time to begin and load the content on your home page when it’s initially launched.
  4. Once the app has been launched After the app has launched, click on the More tab that is located at the top of the screen.
  5. Then, select My Profile.

Now, you’ll see options for NBC Universal Profile and TV Provider options.

Log in using NBC Universal Profile

  1. Log in if you already have an NBC Universal Profile.
  2. Then, ensure that you’re signed in to the NBC Universal account on your smartphone or computer. After logging in, go to on the device you’re using and enter the code that appears on the Fire TV display.
  3. To complete the registration process, follow the instructions on screen.

Log in with your TV provider

  1. If you’re on the other side you own an NBC subscription with your TV provider, select Link.
  2. You will be presented with the most popular television service companies. If you can see your service select it, then go to step 5.
  3. If the provider you want to use isn’t listed Click SEARCH FULL LIST.
  4. Find your provider through the search box, and the keyboard underneath it. Once you’ve found it, click it to go to the login page for your provider.
  5. To finish the setup, login with your credentials, log in, and follow the instructions on the screen.
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How to Use NBC App on FireStick

This section I’ll guide you through each section of the app, one by one.

Let’s first look at the easiest method to launch the NBC application. Hold and press the Home button of your FireStick remote until you see a menu. Select the Apps tile.

You’ll be directed to your app library. Scroll down, and select the NBC app tile.

After everything has been loaded, you’ll see your Home tab.

If you scroll down a step, you’ll find you’ll find the Watch for Free section. The content in this row is available for free to stream without having to sign in with the NBC Universal account or NBC account provided by your television provider.

Under the section for free, you can find our Trending Now area. This section contains every TV show and films that are currently popular across the NBC network regardless of nature. Most of the shows on this list can’t be accessed without logging in.

Continue to scroll down another level and you’ll see the section Discover Peacock The Free Streaming Service. In essence, you can access the renowned Peacock streaming service through the official NBC application. The area dedicated to Peacock in the NBC app’s home screen displays just a small glimpse of the features available on the service.

If you just need to find content from one particular network you can scroll down and choose the one you would like to exclude all other content.

Additionally, you can choose a category such as Binge worthy to limit the content, but not limit the networks. You can also combine filtering by category and network to reduce the amount of content even more.

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Once you’re logged in, you can stream livestreams of shows that are currently broadcast in NBC channels. To access this go to the top of the page and click on the LIVE tab.

Then, you can also look through the standalone dashboards of every NBC network within the app. To do this go to the top of the screen, scroll up, then click on the Networks tab.

All the NBC networks will be displayed in clickable tile form. Choose any network to open its own page. For instance, I’ll choose Bravo.

You can now scroll down and browse the contents of the network.

Did you remember the section dedicated to Free Peacock content? There’s a whole tab specifically dedicated to it. If you’re stuck in a particular network’s screen then you can use the FireStick remote’s button for back to go back to the Networks tab. Go to on top of Networks tab, and move onto the Peacock Preview tab.

You’ll find here all the content available through this streaming platform. You are free to explore it at your own pace.

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