How To Get More Subscribers On Youtube 2019

YouTube subscribers


Getting people to subscribe to your YouTube channel opens the doors to receiving free services and making money. YouTube rewards channels with high viewer numbers because subscribers are loyal audiences. And are more likely to visit your site than those who have not subscribed. You can benefit greatly from multiple subscribers.

With only 100, YouTube will provide live streaming for free. With consistent viewers, you can make good money from the advertisements displayed on your videos. Thousands of subscribers will guarantee greater rewards and income. Some people have even been able to make a hefty living when their YouTube channel reached millions of loyal viewers. Read on to learn how to use these A to Z ideas to increase on how to get more subscribers on YouTube.

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how to get more subscribers on youtube

Ask For Subscriptions On How To Get More Subscribers On YouTube

Simple and direct, this is an outright approach to increasing subscribers. Honestly asking at the end of your video for supporters is a reasonable compensation for providing an entertaining and informative short-film to viewers. Encourage them to subscribe so you can create more enjoyable material.

Better Searchable Titles On How To Get More Subscribers On YouTube

The titles of your videos will bring in more viewers if they contain highly relevant keywords. You can use AdWords or Wordtracker as free tools available through Google. They can help you identify the most popular keywords with high search volumes.

Call To Action On How To Get More Subscribers On YouTube

If you do not include a strong call-to-action on your videos, you are missing out on opportunities of getting viewers to return. You can add a CTA at the end of each of your films. This message is called an end screen and encourages viewers to watch your next video or subscribe to your channel. A CTA annotation is a popup that can appear anytime during your video. These can also increase your subscription numbers if you create a link button to make it easy for viewers to subscribe.

Descriptive Value On How To Get More YouTube subscribers

Some videos do not really describe content with their titles; instead, the titles use keywords such as Exciting!, Amazing!, Awesome!, and Best Ever! Short, keyword descriptions will bury your video under thousands of others with the same issue, giving no information of what the clip is really about. Add an intriguing, short summary to help viewers more easily find your video. Instead of using Exciting!, try a more descriptive title such as Exciting Hunting Trip in Montana, Best Secret To Making an Upside-Down Cake, or Amazing Full Court Basketball Shot.

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Don’t go light on the editing when it comes to your videos. Only publish your best work. Take the time to select the most engaging scenes and organize them so that they flow with appropriate transitions. Use video editing programs such as Filmora, a software program that helps you make great videos that can easily be downloaded directly to YouTube.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups can bring in hundreds and thousands of potential viewers for your channel. Search for topics on Facebook relating to your videos and see what groups pop up. By using the word “group” along with your keyword search, focus groups are more likely to be found. You can also use the discovery feature offered by Facebook to sort groups by similar interests.

Get The Right Tools On How To Get More Subscribers On YouTube

Using tools available for making videos can help to propel your film into the mainstream and increase your subscriptions. There are many programs available that can help you design, build, promote, and increase viewership of your YouTubes. Some tools include the following:

  • TubeBuddy
  • TechCrunch
  • GoAnimate
  • Animoto
  • Sellamations
  • Magistro
  • Common Craft
  • Camtasia
  • YouTube Editor

High Note

After creating an amazing video, you should end it on a high note. Have your viewers check out your website, watch your next video, or subscribe to your channel. You can use “subscribe” annotations. Just remember to end with a confident and positive note, expressing your appreciation for visitors watching your videos and giving them every rea​​son to want to see more of your work.

Interact With Fan Base

Something happens when people know you care about them. They start to care about you. In the sense of video fans, once they know you appreciate who they are and how they feel, they become loyal viewers. Connect with them through comments and interact with them by replying to their thoughts and suggestions. You may get a few negative comments but brush them off and focus on your loyal viewers.

Promote Your Channel

Get your videos in front of the right viewers with legitimate promotional YouTube tools. You can use sites such as DrumUp, Cyfe, and BirdSong Analytics YouTube Analysis. Avoid using quick subscription-flooding hacks that usually lead you down a dead-end road and wastes your time with little or no subscribers to show for it.

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Quality Trailer

A channel trailer is a feature offered by YouTube that allows you to play your video when a YouTube channel is first opened. Your trailer should be engaging and hook your viewer within the first 30 seconds. Catch the viewer’s attention because it will determine whether your potential subscribers will opt in or not. Make it a quick, informative, and top-quality production.

Reviews For Related Amazon Products

Find popular products on Amazon that are similar to the topics your videos cover and leave a review. Your topics can include a variety of categories including electronics, gardening, or fashion design. After sharing your expertise, refer readers to your YouTube channel.


Once you have an amazing product, turn to the sub-communities of Reddit, called Subreddits. These groups organize themselves into categories. Locate the ones that relate to your topics and share your YouTube channel with them.

Thumbnail Power

Pictures will usually hook people before words will. Create an eye-catching custom thumbnail with an impact font to grab the attention of scrolling viewers. Thumbnails are what visitors rely on to first indicate to them what the video is about. Use the best image to represent your video’s content.

Use Playlists To Convert

Casual viewers can be turned into subscribers using YouTube playlists. Create playlists that will group similar themes on your channel. Playlists allow your audience to have continuous viewing pleasure without manually searching for their next video.

Video Challenges, Giveaways, And Other Incentives

Give your viewers an enticing reason to subscribe to your channel. Create an irresistible but safe challenge, offer free gadgets or t-shirts, or share a free eBook if viewers subscribe.

Write Engaging Content

Your content should be entertaining, but it also needs to be engaging to keep the attention of your viewers. High-quality information will sustain your audience and keep them coming back.

X-Tra Consistent Posts

If you update your channel by posting videos consistently, your subscribers are more likely to stay subscribed. You can create new material once a day, once a week, or once a month. Give your viewers a steady pattern of new posts that they can count on, and they will continue viewing.

Zippy (As In Fresh And Lively) Intros And Outros

A strong and appealing intro will keep viewers watching the rest of your video. The outro will assist in your channel branding. They both add a nice finishing and promoting touch to your work.

Push Go

Now that you know your ABC’s on how to get more subscribers for your channel on YouTube, go out and do it. You might have to experiment with the options, but eventually, you will learn which ideas work best for you.

Creative Ways To Grow A Fanbase With Social Media

Jazz Up Your Channel

Your YouTube channel will give your viewers an impression about you, good or bad. The design should be engaging and influence visitors to return. To keep it fresh, you may want to groom the channel once a month to tidy it up. You can even spruce it up with a few hints of seasonal enhancements, giving your guests a feeling of staying current and up-to-date.

Keep it Under 5 Minutes

Length can make a difference as to whether or not viewers want to invest their time in watching your videos. Most visitors like short clips. If films are too long for their specific category, they may get overlooked. The most popular, entertaining and informative videos are usually under three minutes. Speaking presentations should be under 20 minutes and Podcasts should be around 22 minutes. Viewers lose interest after that unless your videos are relentlessly engaging.


Change your location now and then to give a new look and keep things fresh. Film in a different room or add interesting or seasonal décor. You can even use a green screen to produce exotic backgrounds.

Meta Tags

Creating meta tags with strong, relevant keywords contributes to how easy you are to be found by search engines. Browse through other similar videos with high rankings to get some ideas but remember not to copy anyone else’s.


Build your network through social media and YouTube collaboration. Reach out to other people sharing the same focus or topic. Send tweets through twitter and posts through Facebook to stay consistent with your interaction with fans. Find other people on YouTube and create groups with them to work together on similar projects or share audiences.


Optimize your channel for high ranking videos. Build your titles and description with relevant, searchable keywords containing well-written and engaging content. Use meta tags and consider adding a transcript to all of your videos.