How to Choose the Right Omnichannel Contact Center Solution?

In the market, you can find so many options of omnichannel contact center solutions. This can make it difficult to find and choose the right software for your call center or business. In this article, I will share the top 5 tips that you can follow to choose the just right omnichannel contact center solution.

Look for credibility of the provider

The first thing that you need to check is trustworthiness of the call center solution provider India. The purchase of this software will be one of the significant investments, so it has to be made carefully. Check how old the provider is and for how many years, he has been offering this software. It is possible that earlier, the provider used to offer a call center solution with standard features and now he offers a complete and feature rich omnichannel contact center solution. But, being in the market for more than seven to ten years is needed to count upon the provider.

Look for the features that you need now

Even if an omnichannel contact center solution offers a wide array of features to call centers and businesses, it is necessary to check if this software offers the features that you need or not. For example, if you need a sticky agent feature or skill based call routing feature and if this software does not have it, then there is no meaning of getting this software. Your software has to have all features that you need now to run your campaigns.

Check support for unified communication channels

Any call center or business buys an omnichannel contact center solution because they need those unified communication channels. If you are looking for an option and it has some of the communication channels and some are in the pipeline, you better look for another provider because it may take longer than you expect to get those missing communication channels in your software than you actually expect. Make sure your omnichannel contact center solution has all unified communication channels as mentioned below:

  • Voice call
  • Video call
  • Chat
  • WhatsApp
  • SMS
  • Email
  • Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Screen share

Explore how frequently the software gets upgraded

One important thing to check before buying the omnichannel call center software is exploring how frequently your call center solution provider upgrades the software. It does not always mean to have version releases of the software as some providers don’t release versions too frequently. However, they add some features and release them for their customers at a regular interval. To choose the right omnichannel contact center software, you need to check how frequently your software provider develops and launches new features. This can make sure you will get good functionalities and features in the future, too.

Review support contract

Last, but not the least, check the support contract. It has to be flexible and reliable. The omnichannel contact center solution is a technical solution and you must get on-time technical support and the cost should be affordable.

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