How to choose the best Badger Hair Shaving Brush?

How to choose the best Badger Hair Shaving Brush?

Nowadays, men are discovering the joy of traditional wet shaving. If you are reading this article, you probably are one among them. Maybe you have already selected the right blade, and that’s just the first part of your wet shave journey. Now, it’s time to hunt down a high-quality shaving brush.

Choosing the ideal Badger Hair Shaving Brush:

A good brush is a vital part of your shaving ritual. A fine bristle brush is the key to getting a creamy, rich lather that lubricates your face well for a smoother shave. Ideally, bristles in the brush should be soft at the ends. It should not be prickly or scratchy on the skin. It should be rigid and not too floppy to create lather. So there’s no doubt why badger bristle brushes remain the favourite choice among wet shavers.

Prized for its water absorption and softness, badger hair shave brushes are built to offer a great feel and to effortlessly create a velvety lather. Continue reading to know more about badger hair brushes and its types.

Badger hair Shaving Brush:

Badger hair has been traditionally used in shaving brushes. It is the softest bristle material used in shaving brushes. They are easily recognisable as the follicles are wider at the tip than at the base. This gives it a distinctive bloom shape. The badger hair varies from very soft and light-coloured to quite stiff and dark. It can further be broken down into four grades, pure, best, super, and silvertip.

1. Pure Badger:

These dark coloured brushes are made from the common badger fur. They are generally coarser than other high-grade brushes.

2. Best Badger:

These brushes are finer and softer. Best badger bristles are lighter in colour and are densely packed. It can retain more water compared to a pure badger brush. The colour palate is often more coherent with grey shades and light brown. Also, best badger shave brush offers the perfect balance between a massaging and exfoliating sensation on the skin.

3. Super Badger:

These are special grade pure badger bristles. The properties of super badger brushes are more favourable than the first two types providing an experience similar to silvertip knots. They are smooth on the skin and can easily make a thick lather.

4. Silver Tip Badger:

These are the finest and rarest badger hairs. Silvertip badger bristles are densely packed and flair out towards the end, giving the brush, a fluffy and full feel. They have exceptional water retention property and feature white tips. Silver tip bristles are the softest among all badger bristles and are therefore very gentle in the skin.

Now that you have learned about badger hair brushes and its types, it’s time to grab your best shaving brush now!

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