How To Build Your Own App Without Coding Skills


Thanks to modern tools, these days the task of creating an app has become much easier. You can easily create your own app even if you have no coding knowledge. Allow us to walk you through the process of how to create an app without coding skills in the article.

But first of all, in order to become eligible for creating and distributing/selling your own app, you will need credentials as an app publisher. For instance, to distribute apps built for Android platform through Google Play Store, you will need to sign in here with your Google account, accept the terms and pay a $25 registration fee.

On the other hand, you will need to sign in here with your Apple credentials and pay a $99 annual fee in order to become an app seller for the iOS platform through the iTunes store. After this eligibility check, there are several app development platforms available in the market that can guide you efficiently in building your own simple applications. You can else hire an app development company for cross platform mobile development, which is also cost effective than building native apps. Let’s explore the top five of these here.

1. AppyPie

You can easily whip up an app by using this tool even if you have no or very less design expertise. AppyPie is known to be a responsive tool and makes the entire process of app development simple and straightforward.

Here, you can choose a basic layout and category for your app in accordance with your specific requirements. Then you can easily add pages, photos, media, texts, colours, and links to your app by simply clicking on the demo of the app on a sample on-screen phone.

This tool has a free plan that lets you edit your creation for 48 hours. Also, there are three monthly plans of $15, $30, and $50 where each one is having its own specifications and features.

2. AppMakr

It is an easy to use tool with a slick interface that has the potential to transform your app ideas into fully functional mobile applications. AppMakr is popular for creating icon-based applications. Here, much like AppyPie, you are provided with a mock-up of a smartphone, and you just have to drag icons directly onto its face by choosing the best from a menu of options available at the right.

The apps built with this tool are better at linking to content allow you to modify the look of each icon and customize the background image in accordance with your own preferences. AppMakr has a free plan that lets you build an ad-free mobile application. In addition, there are three different monthly plans of $2, $39, and $99 where each one has its own specific offerings.

3. AppInstitute

It is a user-friendly tool that has a unique feature that lets you choose an appropriate template in accordance with your specific goals such as “Get Bookings,” “Sell Stuff,” or “Earn Loyalty.” Also, you can choose an apt category for your app like “good cause,” “church,” or “coffee shop.”

One of the most striking features of AppInstitute is that once you are done with choosing the best template, you can feed your contact number and you will be instantly sent a link to your pre-made mobile application. Also, this tool has a lot of videos and a live chat service for helping the users in case if they get stuck.

This app builder has monthly plans ranging from $40 to $115. Here, to publish an Android app, you have to spend $70 per month, while if you want to gain an access to the iOS version of your app then you have to shell out $115.

4. GoodBarber

This tool lets users review the changes made immediately by just clicking through the app as if it were live. It makes a lot easier for you to understand the logic of your mobile app. In order to make modifications to the sections, you have to use navigation tools given at the right. This breaks the entire design process into smaller chunks such as sections, menus, icons, etc.

GoodBarber also provides you with the app checking tools which helps you in accessing a checklist of completed items and those that still need to be fixed before publishing an Android or iOS version of your mobile application. In addition, this tool has a 30-day trial plan after which it charges $32 for an Android app and $96 for an Android and iOS app on monthly basis.

5. GameSalad

This tool is an ideal choice for building game apps and selling them through Google Play or iTunes. GameSalad consists of a software that is required to be downloaded on the desktop. You can use their pre-made customizable games and create your own version in accordance with your preferences.

The interface of GameSalad does not support drag and drop features so you have to spend some time going through the video tutorials in order to get familiar with the software. Also, this tool lets you create your own gaming app within a short period of time. GameSalad requires you to pay a fee of $29 per month in order to publish your game to all the major platforms including iOS and Android.

Thus, these are some of the main tools that can help you in creating an excellent mobile app even if you have no coding experience. You can choose an appropriate tool in accordance with your specific needs and start building an exclusive app specially tailored to reflect the essence of your brand.