How Quantaflo Test Work

Quantaflo Test

Quantaflo test is done to measure the blood circulation in the body within a few minutes. It helps to diagnose the risk of peripheral artery disease and its condition at the moment of testing.

Quantaflo is basically software installed on laptops, PC or tablets with Windows or iOS software. The test lowers the cost of and time of examination. The test is done to know the status of Peripheral artery diseases in patients. Quantaflo test is an advanced version of earlier tests such as ABI, ankle-brachial index, which were not effective in the PDA test. ABI tests were conducted when patients were showing some symptoms. But in many case of PDA, the patients were not showing any symptoms, which worsened their condition. That is why the need for felt for a quantaflo test.

Function of quantaflo test

Quantaflo test for PAD, peripheral artery disease, is done to know blood circulation in the body of the patient. It is just like a normal blood pressure test. The Quantaflo sensors are placed on the left toe, right toe, left finger, and right finger. The time for sensors is at least 15 seconds. The software just measures the blood flow difference in the legs and fingers to determine the blood circulation level.

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Peripheral artery disease is blockage of blood vessels by cholesterol. It puts a person at the risk of heart strokes as blood flow to the heart comes down. The disease occurs in the legs and can also occur in arteries that supply blood to head, arms, and kidneys from the heart.

What makes quantaflo test special?

Quantaflo test detects the presence of PDA disease early then its appearance in symptoms. It makes it easy to choose the treatment options. The treatment options could be medication or lifestyle changes.

Its widespread use can and popularity stems from the fact the over 2 million American suffers from peripheral artery disease. And, less than 25 % are aware of the condition because in many cases the symptoms do not appear until the late stage.

In the previous tests known as an ankle-brachial index, ABI, the detection occurred when the patient already showed symptoms of peripheral artery disease. Medical experts felt that symptoms appear when the disease has already developed from its early stage.  The worse condition of the PDA disease makes treatment hard to put into practice.

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Quantaflo test is effective and widely used in medical centers. It does not require the services of any trained technician, unlike the ABI test. And, its results are accurate.

Peripheral artery disease is treatable if detected at its early stage. It prevents heart disease and erection dysfunction. Erection dysfunction occurs due to a reduction in blood flow towards the male organ. Erection issues cause mental and emotional turmoil in adult life. Uncontrolled peripheral artery disease only further worsens the condition. It increases dependence on a higher dose like Sildenafil citrate 200mg recommended by doctors in higher erection cases.

The formation of plaque in blood vessels not only reduces blood flow within the body. It also leads to cardiovascular disease and finally a heart stroke. So, early detection of PDA is vital to prevent damage the heart health.

Quantaflo test helps to treat PDA through simple steps

Artery blockage is cleared through simple lifestyle intervention if the possibility of blockage condition is detected early. Cutting down on smoking, reducing fatty food and junk food intake check the deterioration of artery blockage.

Males over 40 with indulgent lifestyles are at greater risk of developing peripheral artery disease.  The next step of PDA is adverse impact on erection process of the man. Diet change at an early stage not only cures artery disease but also improves the erection process. There will be less need for a higher dose of Levitra 40mg, a higher dose to overcome erection difficulty if quantaflo test is done at the first sign of erection difficulty.

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Quantaflo test helps a male or a female to detect the presence of early peripheral artery disease. It is simple to use software that checks the blood circulation flow between arms and legs to analyze the blood flow in the body. Since peripheral artery disease starts in the legs, any difference in blood in the legs and arms tells the story of the formation of peripheral artery diseases. It also helps males to prevent the risk of erectile dysfunction by keeping arteries free of plaque formation.

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