How Music Retailers Can Increase Sales And Boost Profit


They often help you with your choices of the music but, they are considered t be the weakest link. Why? Most often, the buyers prefer to buy the records from places where the music retailers are not even considered. This leads to low sales and low footfalls too. You can obviously work on your sales and improve your profits. Here’s a sure shot way to do that.

  • You will need to build perfect marketing campaigns. These marketing campaigns need to be updated across channels, tradition and conventional. A singular message across all the channels will attract the eyes
  • Why don’t people come to you? Most often the discounts offered someplace else happen to lure your customers. You could offer excellent discounts or add value through giveaways. This might make them want to buy from you. Discount coupons, tickets to live shows etc. might help engage better
  • As a record owner, you want retailers to buy the records. You might want to offer them special prices. This will not just increase your presence in the stores but also make way for improved sales in the retail outlets
  • You should have merchandises that you can put up at the point of sale, and get the customers to at least visit your store
  • Along with records, you can also have instruments for sale. Make sure you have the instruments catalogued so that the buyer knows what all you have.
  • Get a sales person who has know-how about the instruments put out for sale. Make sure you train them about the material, type and other things considered when buying the instrument. When the sales person is knowledgeable, chances of increasing the sales is higher.
  • Check out what makes the buyer buy a record or how do they choose the stores. This will help you strategize your store accordingly and increase the footfalls. You might want to change the way your store is planned, change the look and placement of the records and the instruments. This will help enhance the appeal as well
  • You can give free servicing of the instrument as part of the packaging. This will help you increase the loyalty for your brand.
  • If you have a new record in your store, make the announcement necessary to get the traction. Promote the new band, get the record playing in your store, and make people ask for it.
  • Understand the buyer’s nature when you are set out to sell the instrument or record

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