How Does Product Packaging Affect Sales?

The customer walks along the counter with washing powders. All manufacturers, in fact, offer the same thing: “clean clothes”, “fresh fragrance”, “favorable price”. How do people make a choice in such a situation?

Are they looking for a familiar logo? Look at the colors? Are they guided by their parents ‘ preferences? Or, perhaps, they are looking for a powder without phosphates and in an environmentally friendly package?

There are a huge number of factors that can affect the choice of the buyer. A detailed analysis of each of them would take too much time. That is why the human brain in the decision-making process is guided by the most simple signals to perceive, such as the brand name, logo, color, as well as the emotions that cause these сonventional palletizer  factors.

Understanding how people make choices allows you to influence their behavior. And one of the main tools of this influence is, of course, the packaging of the product.

Packaging forms the first impression

Often, people spend only a few seconds evaluating a product. In such conditions, attractive packaging is the key to a high level of sales.

According to Business Insider, the formation of the first impression of the product takes about 7 seconds.

Packaging affects the subconscious of consumers

Just like the office, employees, and website, product packaging is the face of the brand. Attractive packaging makes the buyer assume that its contents will not disappoint him.

Simplifies the product search process

Proper packaging helps the customer find the product they need. Helps you build a long-term relationship with your client

The logos of some companies are known all over the world and are themselves able to give the consumer an idea of what the product is in front of him. Often, it is enough for a person to see the logo of a favorite brand to make a choice.

Custom design also affects customers

The original packaging can attract the attention of a person. Research shows that consumers who make a choice based on packaging, at least in a third of cases, make a decision based on their own taste.


The font can be simple or refined, strict or free, thin or massive — in a word, the way you want it to be. The main thing is that it is easy to understand: the style, color and font size should be selected so as to make it as easy as possible for the buyer to get acquainted with the information about the product.


The right color of the packaging will help you distinguish your product from the competition. When choosing a color scheme, it is necessary to proceed not only from what product you sell, but also to whom you sell it.

It is important to remember that color is one of the most effective tools for influencing human emotions:

  • Bright colors help to create a relaxed atmosphere
  • White symbolizes purity and lightness
  • Black evokes associations with strength, reliability, control over the situation, as well as high cost
  • Red color excites
  • Yellow represents joy
  • Green is growth and harmony. In addition, for many people, the green color causes associations with environmentally friendly products
  • Ripple effect

Effective packaging can benefit the company even after the sale of the product.

About 52% of online shoppers said they were more likely to contact the company that provided them with the product in high-quality packaging. Approximately 90% of consumers reuse boxes and bags. Business representatives, in turn, say that by paying due attention to the packaging, the company can increase interest in its products by 30%.

Let the world know your product by sight

Studies show that people aged 18-25 years are 74% more likely to share a photo of the packaging of a product on a social network if it was purchased via the Internet. At the same time, almost 40% of consumers are ready to place a photo of a gift (or just interesting) packaging from a particular product on their social network page.

Many social media users do not have much confidence in advertising, preferring to listen to the opinions of friends when choosing a brand. A person who posts a photo of an attractive package on Facebook takes part in the process of promoting the product.

Birchbox is a great example of a company that actively uses social media to interact with its target audience. The Facebook page of the popular beauty blogger Kate (“Kate at The Small Things Blogs”), for example, has almost 80,000 followers. In addition, Kate often uses Pinterest. Thus, thousands of people around the world turn into potential customers of Birchbox.

The company is also represented on Twitter and Instagram, where you can find 180,000 photos with the Birchbox tag.

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