5 Natural Home Remedies for Kidney Infections

Kidney Infections

When there is an excessive buildup of bacteria in the kidneys the results would be in the form of kidney infections. If kidney infection symptoms get worsen or become severe it becomes really difficult to control them through home remedies, and in that case, doctors recommend hospitalization.

However, if these symptoms are mild or at the initial level, some natural home remedies can work effectively against them. It is really important to get effective treatment or try some home remedies if you experience kidney infections because if you leave them untreated the results would not be good.

There are chances that kidney infections would begin as a urinary tract infection or may also start as a bladder infection. Sometimes, these infections affect only one kidney and in severe cases, they can affect both.

According to a kidney specialist in Lahore, if your doctor or nephrologist recommends home remedies for your kidney infections along with medical treatment, then it would be a great option. Otherwise, you don’t need to use home remedies with medication on your own. However, some home remedies that don’t leave side effects will be effective for you.

Home Remedies for Kidney Infections

These home remedies for your kidney infections will work wonders if you regularly follow them:

1- Drink Plenty of Water

The recovery from kidney infections depends on how fast the bacteria flush out from the body. If a person with kidney infection symptoms wants to get rid of it, then he will need to consume water in higher amounts. The high consumption of water will help to flush out the bacteria and it will also help in eliminating infection in an effective and fast way.

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In addition, the high consumption of water can also help to prevent urinary tract infections. Therefore, drinking plenty of water is a good practice to continue.

Medical researchers believe that if a person doesn’t like to consume simple water then he can consume other fluids such as fresh juices. However, drinking artificial juices would not be a healthy practice because they contain a healthy amount of sugar and other ingredients that are not effective for the kidneys. 

2- Consume Green Tea Extract

A study, that was published in 2013, suggested that consuming the extract of green tea can leave antibacterial effects on bacteria strains that can cause urinary tract infections.

The extracts of green tea were taken by the researchers and they applied them to the cultures of bacteria in the laboratory. After some time, they found that the extract of green tea inhibited the growth of bacteria.

However, the effects of green tea extract were measured in the laboratory; therefore, medical researchers doubt whether this extract leaves the same effects on human beings or not. But there are high chances that the consumption of green tea extract would leave antibacterial effects on the body.

You need to buy a good extract of green tea from authentic sources because unhealthy extracts of green tea can make your symptoms worse.

3- Cranberry Juice

People are using cranberry juice as the best home remedy against bladder or urinary tract infections for ages. Due to its effectiveness against infections, it can also be used against kidney infections. There is also evidence that consuming cranberry juice can help in preventing urinary tract infections in some people, and these infections can lead to kidney infections.

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Some people add additional sugar and sweetener to cranberry juice which is not a healthy habit. However, people with UTIs or kidney infections need to consume cranberry juice in moderation, and it would be good if you consume it according to the advice of your general physician.

Cranberry supplements can also be taken against infections caused by bacteria. However, drinking cranberry juice against these infections would be more effective than supplements.

4- Take Probiotics

Probiotics leave two healthy benefits to the human body when it comes to kidney infections. Consuming probiotics will help you a lot in maintaining the number of beneficial bacteria in the body. Because if you are using antibiotics against these infections the effects of these antibiotics may also leave negative effects on good bacteria.

In addition, regular use of antibiotics can increase the risk of diarrhea in people with infections. When you consume probiotics they help to reduce these risks. You can get probiotics from different sources. The supplements of probiotics are available on the market but they can upset your stomach. Therefore, you need to consume probiotics from natural sources like yogurt.

5- Consume Vitamin C

Vitamin C possesses powerful effects of antioxidants that effectively help in protecting tissues in the body. This vitamin can also promote kidney healthy by reducing oxidative stress.

There is also evidence that vitamin C can prevent kidney scarring during the period of acute kidney infections.

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