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Foodpanda Clone: An Exclusive Guide To Lead Food Delivery Industry

There has been a sudden push forward in the online food ordering business in recent years. A total decline was experienced by various companies belonging to the food industry, and online food delivery is one of them. But, somehow, unlike the restaurant businesses, which had the worst hit, even some of them shutting down, the online food delivery apps have managed to survive in some way. FoodPanda is one such app that without introduction, would be known. 

With excellent safety measures, customers were able to get their favourite dishes delivered through the app, and that’s how everything started to pop out again.

So, if you are an entrepreneur looking for the best app that could give you a fair reach and maximum ROI, here’s the bespoke Foodpanda clone app to take.

How does the FoodPanda Clone app work?

The app is known for the simplicity and convenience of operating. From placing an order to getting the order at the doorstep, everything is just done with such ease that users can come back to, whenever they want to order food online. They will have full freedom to browse the restaurants listed on the app. The app will allow users to access and order from various restaurants with just a single checkout process.

They will be provided with different payment options that give them the flexibility to choose their favourite mode of payment, be it Debit/Credit card, mobile wallet, net banking, etc.

Here’s presenting you the functioning of the FoodPanda clone app:

  • Browse for restaurants
  • Browse the menus
  • Select favourite food item and add it to the cart
  • Proceed to checkout
  • Select the payment option- any option of payment can be selected that the user has set as a default payment method.
  • Add promo code/discount
  • Obtain the confirmation of the order by email or SMS
  • The food is delivered at the doorstep.
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Success strategy of the FoodPanda Clone:

To develop an app like FoodPanda, you need to know about what made the FoodPanda a colossal hit. So, adopting and anchoring those elements can lead your app to seek the attention of a vast audience and to keep them loyal.

The critical step is to have an intuitive, high quality, and user-friendly interface. FoodPanda has enhanced the look over the years, which has boosted the users. Your app should enhance the look so that the users are offered freshness.

By the following steps, the app allows the users to place orders:

  • It collects the information of the user.
  • It offers filters so that users can perform a search based on the cuisine and locating restaurants nearby.
  • It provides information about the deals that are available.
  • It displays an elaborated online menu with subcategories of the food.
  • It confirms once the order is placed.
  • The estimated time of delivery is displayed.
  • Time-to-time notification about the order will be sent.

Here’s a tip for you to yield a significant success

Partner with the cuisines

There are many eateries, cafes, and restaurants that are not very popular among people. Though they specialized foods to serve, the chance of them getting known is low. Your app can serve as a platform for these eateries to get themselves listed and get them available. Since the primary goal of your app is to deliver tasty and fresh food from the right places, this would be a great idea. The more, the merrier. So, the more choices your users get, the better the revenue of your app would be.

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Efficient delivery

The app will be suffering when the users don’t get their orders delivered on time. They don’t like to wait. That’s why it is essential to have a dedicated partner for food delivery services to ensure timely delivery.

Modules of the FoodPanda Clone:

The FoodPanda like app involves three levels:

Customer app:

The app will have a wide range of services starting from placing the order that is chosen from an extensive range of dishes, restaurants, and cuisines.

Delivery executive app:

It is a flexible signup service that will allow gig workers to earn extra money. Delivery executives can choose to pick up and deliver the order to the specified customers according to their flexibility and work according to their choice.

Admin app:

This app is used to manage orders and restaurants. The app offers complete freedom to accept, decline or even renew the order, including the list of restaurants and its prices.

Cost for development:

The cost for FoodPanda clone app development cannot be revealed as the price is not fixated. 

The cost of developing this app depends on various factors such as:

  • Total hours of development
  • Developers team
  • The distance of the development company
  • Various features added etc.


Developing your online food delivery app using a customizable FoodPanda clone script purchased from an expertise development company can be an excellent choice because these scripts contain tailor-made features that you need to provide for your customers—intrigued already? Get started with the launch of the best app now!


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