Establish your everlasting presence in the courier delivery business by building a robust app

Are you a business person who wants to empower your parcel delivery business with a powerful and advanced Uber for courier app? Then go through this blog that helps your business boost profits and gain a massive customer base.

The emergence of on-demand apps like Uber toppled the businesses and the people’s lives. Like many other sectors, the courier delivery business also transformed because of the on-demand service’s repercussion. 

Problems faced in the old method of courier delivery

There are courier companies like DHL, DTDC, Bluedart, etc., to name a few. These companies help move any parcel or courier from one place to another, even for long distances. It usually takes around 2 to 3 days to deliver the parcel, and the price they fix is exorbitant. They also have no guarantee that the parcel or any courier will be safely delivered to the destination.

Worry no more! Gone are the days when we parceled things at a high cost, because now, we will build an uber for courier service. You may ask how uber for courier service can be brought under the on-demand app. Remember, whenever there is a change in the old method, it is feasible to bring anything under the on-demand category, and so is the courier delivery service.

A brief view of the workflow of an app like uber for courier 

  • Download the app, log in using the credentials.
  • Enter the pick-up and drop location. 
  • Enter the size of the package if possible.
  • Now, the delivery agent accepts the request.
  • The delivery agent picks the parcel.
  • The parcel is delivered to the given destination.
  • Payment is made using online payment modes available in the app.
  • Review and feedback are shared.
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The development process of courier delivery app

We deliver a scalable, robust, and secure on-demand courier delivery app with skilled app developers bringing a gamut of special features that help your users save time, money, and, most importantly, courier delivery troubles. 

  • UI/UX Design

The app is built with an intuitive UI/UX design that helps your business have user-friendly and makes a long-lasting impression.

  • Time & Cost Estimation

The app is built by spending significant time to analyze the business requirements to give you an estimated cost and delivery time.

  • Delivery Platform

The courier service app development is built with the latest technologies developed with a feature-rich mobile app and website that works almost on all mobile devices and browsers.

  • Gathering Requirements

Every business has different requirements and ideas to turn into life by developing a high-quality app. Here, it gathers all your requirements and does a study. 

  • Testing and Launching

An app like Uber for courier service is launched only after going through several testing methods by experienced testing engineers, and then it will be launched on app stores.

Services to include in the courier service app

An on-demand courier app development has services like,

  • Geotracking

This service in the clone app for courier delivery enables your users to keep track of the nearest courier personnel in real-time.

  • Booking flexibility

The users are allowed to change or cancel the booking at any time.

  • Converse with the delivery agent

With having an app like Uber for courier delivery service, they can chat or call each other within an app regarding the parcel delivery services.

  • Work History
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The clone app is built to allow users and delivery agents to view and check the service history.

  • Review System

This system helps both parties(users and courier delivery people) see the requests sent and work history with reviews.

  • Precise Profile

Both app users can create and maintain a detailed profile to help your business know about the target audience and the agent better.

What do we offer?

  • Mobile app

It offers your business with a mobile app as it is easy to use as it is built with a technically advanced stack.

  • Fully customizable app

We offer limitless customizing options with super-fast add-on support for swift app transformation.

  • Website app

It can be majorly used in all browsers as it is built with the latest technologies.

  • Admin Dashboard

It helps to manage and quickly skim the whole app activities and its performance.

  • Multi-payment options

We offer in-built online payment portals that assure to have a secure payment.

User App Features

The secured and easiest way to parcel the goods to your beloved with this Uber for courier app. It is embellished with incredible features, and they are listed below.

  • Registration

This feature enables users to easily register through their credentials and also via their social networking sites.

  • Pickup & Drop destination

The clone app allows users to locate the pickup and drop location for the delivery of the product.

  • Digital Payment

This helps your users process the secure transaction via in-built payment gateways like digital wallets, net-banking, debit/credit cards, etc.

  • Push Notifications

This outstanding feature helps users receive instant notification once the goods are delivered. It also sends notifications like order confirmation, status updates, offers, and discounts, etc.

  • Changing Address
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This majorly benefits users as it gives them the flexibility to change the location for courier delivery. They can also change by pinning the location on the map.

  • Real-time tracking

This helps users track the delivery agent’s location as soon as they pick the order. They can also track it until it is delivered to the drop location. 

Delivery agent app features

  • Creating a Profile

It enables the delivery agent to create and edit their profile.

  • Submitting Documents

This feature is built by making them upload the required documents in the app for them to start receiving delivery requests from the users.

  • Navigation

The clone app included this feature in the delivery panel to have a hassle-free delivery to locate the user’s location using Google Maps.

  • Earning

This feature facilitates them to have easy access to view and check their earning reports daily, weekly, and monthly.

  • Route Optimization

This excellent feature in the app permits them to find the plausible and fastest route to the delivery or the pickup location.

  • Work History

The delivery agent is allowed to check their work history using this feature, including the finished, pending, and canceled deliveries.

Wrapping Up,

To kickstart your business by building an Uber for courier, associate with the leading mobile app development company, that helps your business launch a high-quality app within a short period of time.

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