About Fitbit Coupons, Promo Code & Discount: Facts 

With the rapid advancement of technology, we are now switching to gadgets that we can carry around and use on the go. And that has prompted all the big names in Silicon Valley to fight tooth and nail for a decent market share of each and every wearable gadget categories. One such highly popular category in wearable gadgets is fitness bands and health trackers. And Fitbit is arguably the most prominent name in this sector.


Fitbit Most Popular Categories

  • Fitbit fitness wristbands – Wearable wristbands that track your daily activity and heart rates are the prime products of Fitbit. The feature set is different in all products in the category. This gives you the opportunity to choose the exact features that you need and pay only for that. Also, there are products specifically designed for your kids.
  • Fitbit Ace – Devices like Fitbit Ace which is designed especially for kids above the age of 8. The device comes with a curved display which is showerproof. Also, the trendy colors and replaceable bands make it even cooler. Not only does that product looks cool but it also makes exercises more fun for kids. The smart band also integrates seamlessly with the Fitbit app making it easier for your child to see and appreciate his or her achievements. There is also an active sleep tracking mode which ensures your kid have enough rest after a long day. The device is eligible for Fitbit free shipping. Use Fitbit deals to avail discount.
  • Fitbit Flex 2 – The most iconic member of the Fitbit wristband category is the Flex 2. This is one of the most robust and most customizable devices in the category. It is totally swim-proof The device can record your exercise and sleep automatically. And being waterproof, it can also track your swimming activities. The device uses LED lights placed in front of the device to show notifications and daily goal status,a seamless connection with your mobile device or computer is present in this device. The smart band is also capable of providing call and SMS notifications. Also, there is a silent alarm system that wakes you up from your sleep completely peacefully. Use Fitbit deals to avail discount.
  • Smartwatches – A Fitbit fitness band with a larger display but there are some awesome additional features that you can get from these smartwatches. Unlike those of Apple and Samsung, these watches are more focused on fitness than any other feature. Fitbit deals available
  • Fitbit Versa – The number of features in this device is massive. You get all the features of the Flex 2 and there are plenty more. Now you can receive calls, send quick replies to an SMS, check weather and many more. The sleep tracking is also vastly improved and now it can even track your REM sleep.The Fitbit Versa does not only pairs well with your smartphone but it itself gives a number of apps. You can use apps such as NY Times, Strava in this device. Also, using NFC, this device can make contactless payments when you are on the go.
  • Fitbit Iconic – Fitbit Iconic is the older generation version of the latest Versa. The Iconic has a slightly different design concept and is a little ragged. So, in terms of looks, it does not look as premium as the Versa. In terms of call and SMS, there is a big difference between the two watches. The Fitbit Iconic can neither receive calls nor send SMS. Apart from that, every other spec is totally identical in these two devices. Fitbit deals applicable.
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Fitbit Most Popular Sale

  • 30% off on Fitbit Versa – 
    • you can get this watch for 30% discount and you will also be eligible for free shipping with the purchase of this device.
    • There is no need to use any Fitbit coupon code to get this deal.
    • You need to sign up to Fitbit website to get this discount.
    • This discount will expire on 31st July 2018. Fitbit deals applicable.
  • Up to 10% off on accessories
    • This discount is valid for all accessories listed on Fitbit store.
    • You do not need any coupon code to get this discount.
    • You are also eligible for free shipping on all these accessories. Fitbit deals applicable.
    • Use Fitbit deals to avail discount

Fitbit Mobile App 

Mobile App – The app seamlessly syncs with all Fitbit devices and can perform a number of operations.

  • All stats from your workouts are sent to the Fitbit mobile app by the tracker. Here you can see everything, starting from the number of steps you took to the estimated amount of calorie you burned in the process. You can also keep a detailed log about your activities.
  • Also, can register any food or water intake to make the estimations even more accurate and to get a good idea of your progress.
  • Social prospect in the app where you can share your stats with your friends and can even challenge them on workout competitions.
  • Exclusive fitness videos and workout ideas available in the app.
  • Downloading the app.
    •  Apple app store for your iOS devices
    • Google play store for Android devices
    • Also available in Windows store
    • Use Fitbit deals to avail discount

Fitbit Customer Support & Payment Methods 

  • Robust customer support system – You can always reach out to their customer executive by calling them on (877) 623-4997 every day between 4 AM to 9 PM Pacific Time. Also, you can fill out the online form and send it to them.
  • Fitbit Pay – With Fitbit pay one can add credit and debit cards to Fitbit Ionic and a certain version of Fitbit Versa. This feature allows you to make payments right from your watch

Fitbit is one of the leaders in fitness gears and gadgets. So, if you are really into getting yourself in a better shape or want to optimize your performance, there are very few options other than Fitbit. Even the more casual users can use these devices to improve their lifestyle. Also, it is available for all budget options so it will not break your bank. They are also extremely trustworthy and have a decent customer support service.

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