Features that are Responsible for the Proper Functioning of an On-Demand Medicine Delivery App

The concept of on-demand delivery services is not new to the market, as there has been a significant increase in the number of service providers. The demand keeps soaring as people prefer convenience and comfort before anything else. If you own a pharmacy store and have plans to expand your business, getting the Uber for pharmacy delivery app will be the right choice. These apps establish a direct connection with the customers, thereby enhancing their loyalty over your service. 

Features that shouldn’t be missed on your Uber for pharmacy delivery app:

Customer-side app

Easy onboarding:

Customers should not feel any hassles in registering their profile on the platform. It would be better if you integrate social media plugins instead of relying on the traditional signup methods like entering email addresses and phone numbers. 

Upload prescription:

Customers should be able to upload a copy of their prescription from their devices for the pharmacists.

Search filters:

The users should be able to search for their required products by applying filters on the app. Search filters can be helpful to get refined search results on the platform.

Product information:

The customers should have access to information on every drug and should be able to compare those products. The details should include manufacturers, price, and descriptions, along with other critical information.

Payments gateway:

Users will expect to make online payments for their purchases, and it would be better if you integrate various payment methods on your on-demand medicine delivery app. Your payment gateway should include credit/debit cards, UPI, PayPal, and net banking.

Admin panel

Manage inventory:

The admin team will have control over the products listed on the platform. They can look for critical aspects like expiry dates, pricing, etc., to manage the stocks.

Manage orders:

The admins will have access to every order placed by the users and can monitor them. They can also have an overview of the orders placed on the app.

Manage users:

It is vital to have a secure database for customer information, and the admins will have access to this information.

Discounts and offers:

Customers will always prefer the app that provides more value to their money, and discounts can be the perfect way for it. It would be better if you provide offers and discounts on a regular basis to keep the customers satisfied. 

Reporting and analytics:

Reports and analytics are vital for making data-driven decisions in business. Analytics provides information on the performance of your business and helps in closing the gaps that exist in this sector. 

Marketing tools:

The marketing tool feature will be useful for displaying advertisements, sending out marketing emails, and to conduct marketing campaigns. 

Pharmacist panel

Dedicated interface:

A dedicated interface is essential for the pharmacists to manage their orders and inventory. Your pharmacy delivery app development company will go the extra mile to ensure that pharmacists face no hassles in navigating the app.

Order notifications:

The pharmacists will get updates on every new order placed with their store. The notification will contain the customers’ requirements and delivery location.

Digitized prescriptions:

 The pharmacists should be able to access the digital prescriptions uploaded by the users. This feature will save a significant amount of time for the pharmacists and as well as the customers.

Providing user support:

Customers should be able to reach out to the pharmacists at any time of the day to get their questions answered.

Delivery executive panel

Driver login:

The registration process for drivers should be the same as the users; however, they will be asked to submit identification documents for verification. 

Driver profile:

The drivers can add profile pictures, phone numbers, basic information on their profile. This information will be transparent to the users and pharmacists. 

Delivery status:

The delivery status feature can help drivers to keep track of their upcoming deliveries and to provide efficient services.

Map tracking:

The Driver-side app should be optimized appropriately for tracking the delivery location. They will get the best route to be taken based on real-time traffic conditions.

Push notifications:

The drivers will get regular updates on task assignment, payment transactions, the commencement of orders, etc.

In a nutshell:

If you are not convinced of the potential of these apps, it would be better if you discuss with an experienced app development team. A report by Zion Market suggests that the net worth of the on-demand pharmacy delivery app development sector will exceed $107 billion by 2025. Although the market is filled with service providers, it is not overheated yet, and its full potential is not tapped. With an efficiently devised business strategy, you can build a powerful and robust online pharmacy app.

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