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Similarly as it is essential to visit your clinical specialist for a yearly registration it is similarly critical to have routine eye assessments with your eye care expert all the time. Certain ailments, for example, diabetes and hypertension may expect you to see your eye specialist all the more every now and again to guarantee your vision isn’t diminishing because of your physical wellbeing. Prominent hazard factors remember a higher rate for the advancement of Glaucoma for African Americans that are beyond 40 years old, heredity or history of eye illness in your family or even some physician recommended drugs may influence your vision.

Glaucoma for instance is alluded to as “The Silent Thief” since it gradually denies you of vision until identified by your eye care pro during a total assessment. Waterfalls likewise will in general go unnoticed in light of the fact that the side effects happen gradually and over some undefined time frame. Your vision with waterfalls will started to bit by bit decline and you may discover you are changing eyeglass remedies all the more frequently. Once analyzed by your eye specialist the waterfalls can be securely, rapidly and easily evacuated for good.

Dr. Snead recommends that you make great vision as much a piece of your wellbeing plan as you would your booked visits to your PCP or dental specialist. Solid vision advances a sound way of life.



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What’s in store DURING YOUR EYE EXAM

Regardless of whether you are here for a normal visit or as the aftereffect of a dream issue, have confidence your test will be exhaustive. Starting first with OPD test, most patients start here in the stir up process, particularly if waterfalls may be available. The OPD Wavefront framework utilizes the most developed advanced innovation accessible to all the more likely assess your special vision needs. Should you need waterfall medical procedure, the OPD innovation will help you and your specialist while picking the best focal point embed for you.

Your subsequent stage will be with one of our gifted professionals, where they will play out a progression of tests to decide your present vision.

The Eye Care Doctors of Snead Eye Group


These tests will incorporate a refraction, used to decide the measure of restorative focal point power expected to get your best vision, and other significant tests to start your general appraisal.

Widening your eyes will be the last advance before observing the specialist. This procedure can take roughly 20 minutes, and empowers the specialist to see into the rear of your eye so as to check the retina, the macula, and other inside structures. Starting here, your primary care physician will have the option to give you the best treatment choices to ensure your most ideal vision.

Pterygium are considerate tumors that show up as pink tissue that develop onto the cornea from the conjunctiva or the worldly side of the eye. These developments whenever left untreated can prompt vision misfortune and constant eye aggravation. Southwest Floridians might be particularly susceptive to Pterygium as long haul bright introduction has been connected as a reason to this condition.

Snead Eye Group can play out a Pterygium Excision to evacuate these developments when they impede sight, or are relied upon to hinder sight later on. On the off chance that you or a friend or family member are encountering these side effects, make a meeting with Snead Eye Group for a full assessment to find out about your choices for treatment.

Try not to let your vision confine your exercises in Southwest Florida


Snead Eye Group has the information and experience to play out a few diverse eye related medical procedures including Pterygium Excision. You can see a greater amount of the medical procedures offered by Snead Eye Group by exploring to the Eye Health Services tab on our menu. Our primary care physicians play out these medical procedures in our Naples and Fort Myers Surgery Centers that are devoted to ophthalmic surgeries including an assortment of waterfall medical procedure, LASIK, Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty and eyelid medical procedure.


Snead Eye Group works with Care Credit, a fund organization that can assist patients with paying any high protection deductible. At the point when patients apply and are endorsed we offer a multi year, no financing cost, installment plan. Become familiar with Care Credit financing.

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