Exploring the Many Benefits of Engineered Porcelain Countertops

Exploring the Many Benefits of Engineered Porcelain Countertops

While natural stones are the popular option for countertops, engineered stones are finding themselves at the top of the most wanted list. Many Australians nowadays care about making eco-friendly choices, and when it comes to countertops, engineered stones are the most eco-friendly choices you could make. An alternative to natural stone which is cut from granite or marble, factory-made stone bound in slab form with an adhesive. However, this type of countertops offers a plethora of benefits to the homeowners than natural stones.

Compared to other engineered materials, Porcelain benchtops Sydney has been gaining its popularity recently. Porcelain Slabs Sydney is much stronger and engineered to provide a unique style and endurance for interior and exterior applications, surpassing other countertops like engineered quartz, laminates, and natural stones. Be it your kitchen, bathroom countertop, or benchtops for your outdoors, you can’t go wrong with porcelain slabs.

Porcelain benchtops are taking the market by storm. Let’s take a look at the benefits offered by the porcelain slabs:-

Extremely Durable

While other materials for countertops and benchtops like granite, marble, quartz may stain, crack, and turn yellow over time, porcelain slabs are designed to last for a long time with minimal maintenance. Yes, porcelain slabs are engineered to withstand the heavy usage and are resistant to detergents, chemicals, and blemishes. In fact, even the strongest paints can be removed from its surface.

Moreover, porcelain is scratch and abrasion resistant, which is ideal for high-use areas such as kitchen and bathroom. Since porcelain slabs has durable properties, it remains unchanged even after frequent cleaning and extensive use, which makes them a sound, lifelong investment.


When it comes to how and where to use porcelain slabs, the options are endless. It could blend well on any surface, including bathroom vanities, office reception, outdoor bars, and kitchen countertops. Porcelain slabs are ideal for both outdoor and indoor areas, making it ideal for outdoor uses as well as they are impervious to damage from extreme heat, humidity, and UV rays.

Moreover, the average water absorption for the material is only 0.1%, which is frost resistant as well. Undoubtedly, porcelain slabs are the right choice, regardless of the temperature. The versatility of the porcelain is what makes them one of the most popular choices for countertops and benchtops.

Blend Well With Any Design

Porcelain countertops are manufactured using the highest quality digital printing technology, which results in stunning, realistic visuals and available in both polished and unpolished finishes. That’s why porcelain slabs are trending and have become a popular choice. The finishes and designs cover today’s trends, such as vibrant whites and concrete looks while also delivering the look of marble and natural stones. So, porcelain slabs could fit any design style.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

Caring for porcelain countertops is hassle-free, and it doesn’t require any special cleaning products. It never has to be sealed, and most of the time cleaned and wiped with towels.

As you see, porcelain slabs offer a range of benefits than natural stones and other engineered materials. If you are concerned about Porcelain Slab cost, contact us and get the free quote.

NihilRawal is a director of Avant Stone, the leading Porcelain Slabs in Sydney supplier. To find out more about natural stone slabs, visit avantstone.com.au.

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