Everything you need to know before visiting Nigeria

Sprawling cities, mesmerizing landscapes, rich history and natural beauty define this west African country called Nigeria. If you are reading this post, chances are that you are planning to visit Nigeria. Like any other country, there are few things you need to keep in mind while visiting Nigeria.

1. Get vaccinated
The best tour operators in Nigeria say that your health is foremost and you need to comply with the health norms laid down by the Nigerian government. Centre for disease control and prevention recommends visitors to get themselves vaccinated for diseases such as polio, measles, yellow fever and malaria to name a few. You are advised to carry proof of vaccinations with you while traveling to Nigeria.

2. Get your visa
You need to get a visa if you do not reside in a country that doesn’t require a visa to travel to this country. Keep in mind that visa application process requires a lot of paperwork, interview and biometrics. The process can be time consuming and hence you must get in touch with a reputed air ticket booking agency in Nigeria. It makes your life easy as an agency is well-versed with the entire process. They will guide you through about every step of application process.

3. Nigerians speak English
One of the questions people often ask is whether Nigerians speak English or not. The answer is yes they do. You do not need to worry about the communication bit. They certainly have their native languages, but they can understand and speak English. It will be highly appreciated if you learn few common phrases used in the region you are about to visit though.

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4. Negotiation skills help
Prices are negotiable unless you are visiting a duty free store at the airport. More often than not the salesperson will agree to sell at the price you wanted to buy the item. If not you can walk away and buy the same item from a different vendor. In a nutshell, negotiation skills help a big time during your visit to Nigeria.

5. Spicy food
Nigerian culture is vibrant and the food is spicy. If you are a gourmet who loves spicy food, you would simply love traveling to Nigeria. Nigerian cuisine will not disappoint you. If spicy food is not your thing, you can request for less spicy food prepared with just few peppers.

6. Sunday is the Lord’s day
The best tour operators in Nigeria don’t recommend you to make any plans on Sunday before afternoon. That’s because Sunday is the lord’s day in Nigeria. Nigerians are quite religious. They spend most of their Sunday in worship services. Businesses also open until late because of the same reason.

Hope you found the post informative and useful. For more information pertaining to air ticket booking agencies in Nigeria, feel free to get in touch with us.

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