Everything You Need to Know About the Safety Awareness Course

The courses that comprise within the water jetting courses are Safety awareness courses, Drain and sewer courses, surface preparation courses and pressure washer courses. The water jetting safety awareness course covers a lot of aspects, such as:

Application & Machines: It is vital to understand the types of application and machines you will be handling. An in-depth understanding of the procedure of cleaning & surface preparation, the effect of varying pressure, precision & volume removal, configurations & categories, and range of varying Jetting machines.

Legislation & The WJA Codes of Practice: The WJA codes of practice includes status, use and recognition by the Health & Safety executive. Management regulations to keep a check on risk assessment, PPE at work regulations, COSHH, employer/employee responsibilities.

Jetting Equipment – Nozzles: It is of utmost importance that you understand the principles of the jet, types of nozzles, the purpose of nozzles, power of water jet, jet pressure or the flow characteristics, and jet reaction force.

Jetting Equipment – Pumps: It is the most important to understand the pump configuration like a standard piston, plunger pump, a variation of plunger sizes, operating features, positive displacement action, effects of blockage, and other pump configurations.

Jetting Equipment – Pressure Controls: Pressure control and flow play a vital role in high-pressure water jetting, and can cause damage if not handled properly. Before operating the pressure controls, you need to have a good understanding of the dump & dry shut controls, direct manual operation, hydraulic controls, fail-safe, pressure regulators and automatic off-load engine speed control systems.

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Jetting Equipment – High-Pressure Hose: To practice safety at work, you must understand the hose construction and pressure ratings, external & internal damage possibilities, hazards arising from damaged hoses, and the importance of inspection requirements. You should also be aware of the hose for different flows, hose and fittings, the types & features, and so on are vital as well.

Water Jetting Hazards: Knowing the possible hazards that could arise is crucial because, in case of any dangers arising from the water jet, the operational regime or site environment, you are well prepared to face it.

Water Jetting Injuries: You should be aware of the impact caused by the high-pressure water jet, the nature of internal injuries caused, and actions to be taken, in the event of jetting damage. Staying clear of the possible absence of visual injury & how to use the WJA medical card is essential.

Personal Protection Equipment: How to protect yourself while water jetting is crucial. This safety awareness course will highlight the general principles of using a PPE, body protection, particular requirements when using UHP.

Operational Procedures: Routine care & inspection, site preparations, team operation and preparations for the functioning are safety points during the working, and safe use of non-standard equipment will be instructed.

Water jetting safety awareness has a considerable application in water jetting operations, and the Water jetting courses also include practical skills and familiarisation with the equipment. Before the course is completed, you will be able to distinguish the possible dangers, setting up gear concerning the security of administrators, other staff and the general population, Hands-on experience utilizing hardware successfully and securely, Immediate methodology to receive in case of injury by the effect of a water stream, Nozzle choice as to the right application, Precautions to be taken when utilizing a mains water gracefully.

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We at Water Jet Training offer various water jetting courses apart from the Safety Awareness course. We offer course packages that are completed, in 2-3 days. You can reach out to us to avail any of our water jetting courses.

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