Everything Important About AllegianceMD Telemedicine Software

AllegianceMD Telemedicine Software

What is a Telemedicine Software?

Telemedicine software has been a lifesaver quite literally in the year 2020. With thousands of medical practices finding themselves losing patients since people did not want to come into a medical office or clinic due to fear of contracting the corona virus. However, with the telemedicine feature and software a lot of medical software companies released, medical practices found themselves back in business


Telemedicine software is a platform which allows for doctors and medical staff to connect with their patients through video or voice calls. This software or feature can usually be integrated into the EHR software or the practice management software you are using to give you a seamless user experience


In this piece, we will specifically be talking about AllegianceMD telemedicine software. We will give you the ins and outs about all the details related to this software so you can decide whether or not it is the right one for you. 

Features of AllegianceMD Telemedicine Software

Helps you See Patients you Otherwise Could Not

In the year 2020, patients were reluctant to come into medical offices or clinics to attend their medical appointments. And other than Covid-19 making things harder, patients who live in rural areas and do not have the same access to specialists as those living in bigger cities tend to lose out on quality healthcare because of this. Hence, with AllegianceMD software with its telemedicine feature, you are able to have appointments with these patients as well which helps you increase the number of patients at your practice and subsequently increase your revenue as a result. This feature alone will make the AllegianceMD cost worth it. 

Integrates with your EHR Software

AllegianceMD telemedicine software integrates to your EHR software perfectly. If you already use the AllegianceMD EHR then you will have no issues with this whatsoever. The software has great adaptability to EHR software so that patient data can be synthesized and everything can be in one place for your ease. 


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Looks at Patient Eligibility 

One of the biggest concerns a lot of doctors and medical practice staff have is that patients might not be eligible for insurance and hence at the time of payment their claim might be rejected due to this. However, AllegianceMD telemedicine software makes sure to check the patient’s eligibility from the get go so you do not have to go through any surprises later on. The software ensures you will get reimbursed for your telemedicine visit to the patient. Again, this feature in the software itself makes up for the AllegianceMD pricing on its own. 

Appointment Scheduling and Reminders

Appointment scheduling is one of the toughest and most important parts of running a medical practice. You can schedule your appointments easily and keep track of upcoming appointments as well. AllegianceMD telemedicine software sends text and email reminders to patients so they remember their appointment. Other than that, even generally using a telemedicine EHR helps you reduce the no-shows since there is little chance someone will miss a video or a voice call appointment since they can attend them from the luxury of their own home hence it is rare that anyone ever misses their appointments. 

Safe and Secure

One of the biggest concerns with any telemedicine software is whether it is safe. With AllegianceMD you can leave your worries behind about safety risks because the software promises full safety in keeping all patient related data safe and providing a safe platform to call patients through. Overall, the AllegianceMD reviews talk about how secure the software is and how it can be trusted with patient data and complying with HIPAA laws and more. 

Should you Invest in AllegianceMD Telemedicine Software? 

While we cannot categorically tell you whether or not to invest in AllegianceMD software we will give you a few tips which will hopefully help you figure out whether or not this software will be the right choice for you. We suggest you ask for an AllegianceMD demo to see whether in action this software works well for you or not. Other than that, you should actively read AllegianceMD reviews to see what current users of the software have to say about it. Apart from this, we also suggest that you make a list of features you would ideally want in a telemedicine software and then compare that list with the features in this software. This will help you figure out whether this software is suitable for whatever it is you will be needing! Finally, we hope you can decide whether or not AllegianceMD is the right software for you and your medical practice!

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