Engagement Ring Settings & Styles You Need to Know About NOW

engagement ring

An engagement ring denotes that the person wearing it is engaged and yet to be married. It commonly happens in western countries. A ring is offered as an engagement gift by a person to his or her love when they give a marriage proposal or just before marriage.

Anatomy of an engagement ring:

There is always a little anxiety in you when you are up to start shopping for a ring. When the point comes to design the diamond ring, different features to focus on. While it’s vitally important to know what you are looking for, it is compulsory to know the characteristics of a ring.

Prong setting:

Prong settings are the most popular settings for diamond engagement rings. The prongs provide grip, rising up to grasp the diamond.

Raised up and unhindered by a lot of metal, a diamond can refract light better, resulting in the look that makes a diamond so spectacular. This is why a prong setting is common for solitaire rings.

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It’s important to follow your Jared ring inspection schedule to make sure the prongs remain tight and your diamond is secure.

Halo setting:

A halo ring is the setting that enfolds a middle stone in a gathering of curved pave diamonds. These stones are blaze with a light emphasis on the middle gemstone to create curiosity and let people observe to your ring. A high carat center diamond gives a gigantic look in a halo setting. And the carat of a diamond may be half, quarter or third depends on the budget.

Cathedral Setting:

The traditional look in an engagement ring is the cathedral setting which uses bends and curves of metal to clutch the gemstone or diamond overhead the trunk. The cathedral setting enhances elevation to a ring and makes the stone in the center seem to be superior.

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Channel setting:

A channel setting is a very communal setting in the ring and is select on the basis of its being a very classic and flexible choice. This setting has diamonds all around the band, where the diamonds are set in the middle of the bands which has to be of precious metal. In this setting metal used to be denser to set the diamonds nicely.

Bezel setting:

Bezel setting ring is where Gemstone or diamond to complete the circle in a precious metal.it can be very simple or stylish with the design. It can be in a modernized form or ancient look. The eternal strong ring setting can work with different cuts of diamonds and precious metal colors.

Customized Setting:

Customized Setting in the ring is where you design your ring. It’s a onetime creation of your personality. Here you select essentials of rings like gemstone, Precious metal, cut of a stone, setting, style of band to make your ring look unique. It is the ring that you virtualize and then give real form by the selection of design.

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These rings are more expensive because you choose everything according to you and definitely you have to pay for high-quality work.

Bar Setting:

Bar setting refers to diamonds or gemstones that are place through the precious metallic bar. This bar is vertical to the ring’s band. In this setting, gemstone or diamonds are frequently visible which shows more enthusiasm in the ring.

Pave Setting:

Pave setting in the ring is where very small gemstones or diamonds on the band, clipped condensation of metal. In this setting gemstones or diamonds are set as much closer as possible on the metal.