Driving with a damaged Windscreen- Why is it a bad idea?

Driving with a damaged Windscreen- Why is it a bad idea?

Chips and cracks in your cars windscreen can mean much more than just an eyesore. Although a damaged windscreen appears to be less pressing than a mechanical fault, it can be extremely hazardous to you, your passengers and the fellow road users. A well maintained and properly fitted windscreen plays an important role than you think. In fact, windscreens are one of the safety features of the vehicle. If the worst happens, a properly installed, structurally sound windscreen will prevent roof-collapse during a rollover accident, prevent passenger ejection, and allow airbags to inflate appropriately.

What if my Car’s Windscreen is damaged?

Now that you know the role of windscreens in the structural stability of the vehicle, even minor damages can dramatically affect your car’s structural integrity. This makes your windscreen more vulnerable to shattering when hit by flying objects like stones and debris in the road. The minor cracks can also spread over time and put the lives of you and the passengers at grave risk. Hence if your windscreen is damaged, it is always best to consider professional windscreen replacement Sydney. If you are not convinced yet, keep reading to know what can go wrong if you keep driving with a damaged windscreen.

Airbag Deployment:

During collision accidents, the airbag should deploy within seconds. We know how important the airbags are, right? They can save lives! However, the front airbags normally rely on the firmness of the windscreen to inflate outwards. If the windshield is poorly bonded or damaged, as the airbag deploys, being unable to withstand the pressure, it may completely detach or shatter. This can cause the airbags to inflate in the wrong direction, providing no protection to the driver as well as the occupant in the front seat. As this scenario is scary and can put lives at risk, car windscreen replacement Sydney is imperative.

Rollover Accidents:

Accidents can strike at any time. As the cars are getting lighter and pillars are getting thinner, greater dependence has been placed on windshields to protect the occupants during rollover accidents. However, in such situations, if the car’s windscreen is damaged or poorly bonded, chances are that the roof can crush the occupants.

Passenger Ejection:

Well known that you and your passengers must wear your seat belts at all times. However, during a collision accident, it is your windscreen that protects you and your passengers from being ejected from the vehicle. Even minor cracks in your car’s windshield mean it is fundamentally weaker than it has to be and might not be able to bear up the force of a body being thrown against it.

Aside from the dangers discussed above, a damaged windscreen can also compromise the drivers’ visibility. Though a crack in the windscreen appears small, it can quickly spread and put lives at risk. So as soon as you see cracks in your car glass, it is wise to look for professionals who offer affordable windscreen replacement cost Sydney.

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