Dr. Dabber Wax Pen Vaporizers

Are you in the market for a wax pen vaporizer? Dr. Dabber creates the best wax pen vaporizers that are high quality, reliable, cost-effective, and deliver an ultimate unique vaping experience. You can easily ship all their packages both locally and internationally from their Las Vegas facility. Below is an expert review of all Dr. Dabber wax pen vaporizers.

Ghost Vaporizer Kit.

With a one year unlimited warranty that even covers the battery and charger, Dr. Dabber Ghost Vape could be your ideal wax pen vaporizer. This original, low heat vape pen can be used for both wax and oil like concentrates. It utilizes Dr. Dabber’s titanium technology to heat your concentrates to the ideal temperature gradually. This technology doesn’t burn red hot on contact, which gets rid of the burned, electric flavor typical in vape pens. This mechanism ensures you enjoy the authentic taste of your waxes.

The Ghost Vaporizer Kit is packaged with:

  • A Dr. Dabber Ghost pen.
  • An additional Ghost atomizer.
  • A USB charger.
  • A tool for loading your waxes.
  • A shatterproof storage ball.

Ghost Bundle.

Just like the Ghost Vaporizer Kit, Dr. Dabber Ghost Bundle uses the titanium technology and can be used to vaporize both oils and waxes. However, this vape device has many accessories that are perfect for both beginners and advanced wax vapers. These features include:

  • A Ghost Full RX kit.
  • A case that makes it easy to carry around.
  • A budder cutter.
  • A honeymat
  • A custom glass attached to a recycler pendant.
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Ghost Full RX Kit.

Dr. Dabber gives you the option of purchasing their Ghost Full RX Kit separately with extra features. It also uses Dr. Dabber’s titanium technology, and it is capable of vaporizing oils and waxes. This kit features:

  • A Dr. Dabber Ghost pen.
  • An extra Ghost atomizer.
  • A tool for loading.
  • A USB charger.
  • A shatterproof storage ball.
  • A Dr. Dabber glass globe attachment.

Dr. Dabber ensures you get the most from the packages you purchase from them by including an unquestionable one year warranty that covers even the batteries and chargers. The Ghost Full RX Kit, being one of these packages, comes with a warranty that also includes its battery and charger.

Budder Cutter.

Designed for sticky and hard to manage waxes or oils, Budder Cutter is among the top dabbing devices you will find in the market today. Its heat source is cautiously calibrated to prevent overheating and reduce heating periods for an ideal loading temperature. It can also serve as the heated tool for loading Dr. Dabber’s other vaporizer pens.

Dr. Dabber Budder Cutter features:

Seven different interchangeable heating tips that increase its versatility.

  • An excellent battery life.
  • A one-year undisputed warranty from Dr. Dabber

How Much Does A Dr. Dabber Cost?

Dr. Dabber cares for your pocket; hence they have offers for their wax pen vaporizers. These offers vary, which changes their prices. You can check out their online store and get value for your money.

How to use a Dr. Dabber Wax Pen Vaporizer.

You have just bought a Dr. Dabber Wax Pen vape, but you are wondering,” what next?” How do you load the Dr. Dabber Ghost for example? Below is your ultimate guide to all these.

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Dr. Dabber wax pen vaporizers have the following parts:

  1. A battery to power your device.
  2. A power button to turn the device on and off.
  3. An atomizer where the wax concentrate is loaded. The Ghost has a ceramic atomizer.
  4. A chamber connector for storing heat from the heating chamber.
  5. A mouthpiece that directs the vapor to your mouth.

Dr. Dabber cares for your safety. To avoid any risk of turning the pen on when not in use, you must click the Ghost’s power button five times to turn it both on and off.

To load the wax pen vaporizer, it is straightforward. You first open the heating chamber and remove the mouthpiece to reveal the heating coils. Secondly, you load your waxes into the heating chamber. You must ensure the waxes are on the heat coils because any concentrate placed around or beneath the heat coils will not be vaporized. Once you are done with loading the wax correctly, you put the mouthpiece back on.

Dabber wax pen vaporizers’ final thoughts.

Dr. Dabber’s products are perfect for you if you are looking for the best wax pen vaporizer.

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