Does Page Speed Affect SEO?

Does Page Speed Affect SEO?

Yes! Do you know page load time is one of the signals used by Google’s algorithm to rank pages? A slow page speed means that search engines can crawl only fewer pages and it ultimately impact your rankings. Besides, if a web page takes more than three seconds to load, over half of the visitors leave it and will never come again. Beyond the bottom line, page speed also influences how your contents rank with Google. Hence, if your web page wants to appear in the SERP, it should load in lightning-fast.

Here are a few statistics from leading researches that shows how page load speed affects your SEO:-

– About 76% of online shoppers who have trouble with website performance say they won’t return to the site again.

– While the page that loads within 2 sec has an average bounce rate of 9%, webpages that loads in 5 sec have a bounce rate of 38%

– A million second delay in page load time can impact the conversion rate by 7%

Here is how page load speed influences SEO:-

It’s a ranking factor

Google has said that a fast site helps you to rank better than other sites that take too much time to load. Site speed is a ranking factor for mobile searches.

Loading time influence crawling

Page speed not only affects the user experience and conversion rates but also crawl budget and crawl rate. If your servers are fast, Googlebot can crawl around frequently and get more done. Fix your site structure, clean up out-dated posts, and invest in a better hosting plan.

Higher conversation and lower bounce rates

Having an e-commerce site that takes ages to load won’t do any good for your business and the customers. People will hit that back button in seconds and choose never to return. It will significantly affect your bounce rate. If your site loads quickly, you can not only improve the conversion rate but also build trust and loyalty.

Improve user experience

By improving your site speed, you can make users happy and enjoy shopping at your site. In fact, they will often come and purchase your products if the page is easy to navigate and loads quickly. Eventually, it will help you rank better.

So, how quickly the page should display the contents to the users? Well, under 3seconds is always the best.

You won’t have a second chance to create the first impression on the users as everything starts with the speed. Your competitor’s sites are just a single click away. You wouldn’t want to lose your prospects for slow page speed. Speak to your SEO consultants Sydney and learn about your page’s loading speed.

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