Do Dental Implants Need Maintenance To Last Longer?

Do Dental Implants Need Maintenance To Last Longer?

Are you about to get cheap dental implants Sydney or already has got one, probably you are reading this, since you are looking to have them for a long time. Dental Implants Sydney is the best way for people with missing teeth to smile brighter, feel confident and enjoy all the foods they like. Do you know, dental implant maintenance is highly significant for continued oral health and to reap the full benefits? Yes, you must ensure to practice a proper dental implant care.

So, what should you do to take proper care of your dental implants? Keep reading this article to understand everything you need to know maintaining your dental implants –

– Use a Nylon Brush with Soft Bristles – After undergoing the dental implants procedure, you will have to switch away from your regular tooth brush. This is because, the regular brushes can be hard on the implants and scratch them. Whereas nylon toothbrushes could clean even the hard-to-reach areas surrounding the dental implants. Also avoid using any metal instruments to clean your mouth after the implants are in place. Rather, stick to the regular brushing and flossing procedure.

– Regular Check-ups – You must schedule regular checkups with your dental implants specialist to check the gums and assess the x-rays to ensure proper functioning of the implants. It is recommended for the patients to visit at least twice a year to check the hygiene. During these appointments, the specialist will clean up the implant abutments and polish the prosthetic teeth as well. So don’t miss out the dental implant check-ups.

– Avoid Hard and Sticky Foods – Consuming hard and sticky foods can damage not just the implants, but the teeth as well. A few foods that you should eliminate from your diet list after undergoing the affordable dental implants cost Sydney are – Hard candies, steak, ice, dried fruit, chewing gums, caramel, crusty bread, carrots etc. Avoiding these foods will help your dental implants stay healthy.

– Avoid Smoking and Alcohol – Staying away from smoking and alcohol is not just good for your dental implants, but it is good for your overall health too. Yet, is it particularly very important to avoid them if you have dental implants. Always keep in mind, it takes a minimum of six months to heal after the dental implants procedure, so if you are smoking or drinking alcohol during this time, it can affect the dental implants, and slow down the healing process as well. So, refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol.

Caring for your dental implants is very easy and straightforward. So, if you still have any questions on dental implant care, consult your dentist without any delay!

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