Different Ways to Reset Your WordPress Website


So, you must have had a thought of just starting everything over again? Well, maybe you have tried a new theme on a staging WordPress website. Or maybe the reason is that you are testing the compatibility of the plugins. And this is the time; you must be wanting to reset your WordPress website.

Well, you must be importing or creating the sample data which you want to test, and once you are done with your test, you must be looking to get rid of it. One of the ways is to delete the data one by one manually, but it is going to take like forever to complete the task. Or you could use the WP reset plugin, which is the best way to get back to your WordPress website the way as it was when you started it, within just a few seconds as well.

So, today I am going to tell you about The Easiest Way To Reset Your WordPress Website. So you don’t have to face any problem, and you could save a lot of time as well. So, we are going to use the WP reset plugin to reset your WordPress website. And I am going to tell you how we are going to do it. So, here let’s take a look at The Way To Reset Your WordPress Website.

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Ways To Reset Your WordPress Website

So, one of the simplest ways which I find out to reset your WordPress website is with the help of the WP reset plugin. This plugin is going to remove the users, blogs, portfolio items, store blogs or any other thing which you might have added to your WordPress website along with all the media files, comments, ratings, etc. Everything will be clean out, except for the theme and the plugins they are going to be safe for sure. It will simply deactivate them, so you don’t have to worry at all about them.

But it is recommended to use this plugin in the test environment only. You could use it otherwise as well, but it is better to use it in the test environment itself. It could be used for many different purposes like to test out the WordPress theme. But those who want to conduct any test use this WP reset plugin more often. But let me tell you that, currently the WP reset plugin does not support multisite, but it works very amazingly in a single installation. And if you are looking up for speeding up the testing as well as retesting process, then it is going to be the best for you.

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Final Few Words about the Ways To Reset Your WordPress Website

So, this is one of the simplest Way through which you could reset Your WordPress Website. All you have to do is to install the WP reset plugin and use it to reset your WordPress website. And that’s all, your website will be reset, and everything will be cleaned up from your WordPress website. It will look like a new WordPress website for sure.




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