Decorating With The Turkish Kilim Rugs


Decorating with Kilims is a cakewalk if you are aware of the fundamentals of interior designing. However, if you are a novice, this write-up would certainly clear out your doubts and provide you ample ideas to revamp the living space of your abode. Let’s check how.

Harmony or contrast, Kilim rugs meet every expectation

For interior decorators who are constantly working with the very basic principles of harmony and contrast, kelims are a favourite, because it matches up to their anticipations.

Rugs such as patchwork kilims, which are nothing but an ensemble of vintage colours, can bring about a harmonious effect. This is achieved when you match the dominant colour of the floorcovering to either the subsidiary colour scheme of your room or when you ensure that the subordinate shades of the area rug matches with that of the secondary hues of the living room.

However, if stark contrasts amaze you more, then kilims won’t disappoint you. Try pairing up a vibrant floorcovering with a room where subtle shades reign. Again, if pastel-hued kilims are what you are in possession of then combine it with deeper shades dominating a room, to enjoy contrasts. The choice is yours!  

Practically suits any and every style of furnishing

While some fancy Scandinavian furnishing, others are mostly fond of modern ones. Then, there are still others to whom something in classical or rustic enjoys a greater preference. Irrespective of furnishing choice, kelim rugs, appearing in a multitude of colours, designs and dimensions, serve to be a perfect fit.

Blends well in workplaces

When the matter arrives at interior decoration, why should corporate spaces be left out? By introducing the vivid-hued kilims, one can definitely perk up the mood, inject colours into the otherwise dull and boring ambience and revamp the lounge area any day.

Infuses the age-old culture into a setting

Apart from the visual appeal or the aesthetic values of these floorcoverings, there are other equally stunning aspects, which make Kilims a unique addition to homes. Bind here is rich culture, traditions and heritage of the world, transforming it into a timeless piece, apt for bringing back the same feel into a world, where modern industrialisation is gradually overtaking our values.

With Kilims, one can even follow one’s intuitive power, go by one’s sense of style, yet achieve the look the person’s dreaming of.