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decal printing singapore

A printed decal, commonly known as ‘transfer’ or ‘adhesive labels’, Decal Printing Singapore is an image with properties that allow it to be transferred to another surface. The image here could be anything. But in the case of companies, this could be a company logo, name, slogan or contact details. While all transfers look the same to you, they actually come in different types that can be used to your business advantage.

Ceramics: Of course, this type of transfer can be applied to ceramic or terracotta things. Pottery, porcelain and stoneware are the main examples here. With less effort, this decal can be printed on porcelain, gold or gloss paints.

Glass – Do you have gifts made of glass? You can personalize them or advertise your brand and contact details using this printed sticker. Most providers say that these types of transfers are for special orders.

In frosting: These are mainly colors under the frosting that seem to reach perfection through frosting baking temperatures. If your company’s trademark color leans toward the earth palette, you can take advantage of this type of decal. Common earth colors are blue, brown, black, terracotta red and dark green. The great thing about this is that the print does not fade when exposed to high temperatures.

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Overview – This type is often used for industrial or niche products as it is only available in black or sepia.

Metallic – This includes printing decals in gold, silver, palladium, and painted metals. It can be used on ceramic, glass and other types of surfaces. Do you sell rock star themed products? This is for you.

Pressure sensitive: Labels in this category have a high adhesive strength and are suitable for personalizing your commercial vehicle. They can be in the form of bumper stickers, name badges and trailer decorations.

Rub On – Also known as a stain resistant adhesive, it is named for the method by which it is applied. First you need to invert it: face down on the surface to be decorated. Then rub the back with a spoon and remove the transfer paper.

Ironing: While the ironing type can be transferred to most surfaces, this type of ironing can be transferred to T-shirts, by ironing of course. This is best for personalizing the tops your employees or sales associates would wear to a promotional event. These tops can also be distributed to event attendees.

Static Adhesion: Transfers on car windows are called static adhesion. Static energy holds it to this part of the car. Surveys show that once it gets dirty or pulled at the edges, it stops sticking.

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Organic – This sticker print is the choice of companies that sell eco-friendly product lines. In fact, companies advocating for environmental awareness also support this type of sticker. The composition is non-toxic and does not contain lead. It can be safely applied to surfaces that carry food. Examples are keepsake cups, cake trays or mini finger food bowls.

What is Decal Printing?

1. Choose Durable Moisture Resistant Vinyl – If using non-local print shops, have them send you a sample pack or sample pack. That way you can handle the monsters and yourself. Compare samples from at least 4-5 different companies to make sure the samples have the weight, texture and finish you are looking for. If you choose substandard quality, you can leave a negative impression on your customer.

2. Compare costs: Compare quotes from at least 5 different printing companies. Try to find companies that offer special offers on the products you need. Even if you have a company that you have been working with for a long time, you should always get new offers when you need to print a new product. Companies differ greatly in the cost of different products. Some companies may offer big discounts on certain products that can save you a significant amount of money.

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3. Find out which sizes work best for your printer: Your printer may offer lower prices on certain sizes that make no difference to you. This is another way to save money on the cost of work.

4. Save money by using fewer colors – Find out what the price differences are when choosing black and white, full colour, 2-colour or 3. If the savings are significant, it may be worth cropping the colors .

5. Ask about delivery: Read more about delivery times and delivery times. If the wait is too long, this could mean urgent costs for you or costs of delayed sales on your part. Get that information ahead of time so you can include it in your overall quote.

When comparing quotes for sticker printing, it’s important to consider as many of these factors as possible to get the cheapest and best print quality possible.

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