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For those who have been following me for a long time, I know that I have had some trouble finding the balance in our family life . Now, a few months later, I have found it and would like to share it with you through this article. How do you ensure that you do not fall into “musts” during the weekends, such as your household and all kinds of other obligations? In this article I explain how I found my balance in this and what my daily routine looks like on a random working day and a day off. 

Finding the balance = making choices

The lesson I learned is to make choices and not want to do everything in one day. That sounds very easy and for some it is, but not for me. Everything had to be “perfect” for me. When I got home from work my house had to be tidy, the dishes washed, the laundry washed away, time spent with the kids and putting them on the bed themselves. Oh yes, it was also nice if I could work away my dinner in between all that “must”. Not surprising that this did not work.

Finding the balance for me is really making choices. This does not mean that my house is no longer tidy or that the dishes remain on the counter for a long time. I just plan it differently so that it brings more peace of mind, and yes – some things I don’t do anymore or else. An example is not to immediately dry the dishes, but to leave them on the drying rack for a while. In my daily routine I try to divide as much as possible so that nothing has to be done and I have enough time for fun things. I also notice that my children respond well to structure and regularity. Recognizable?

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Daily routine on a working day

Every Tuesday I work at the Brewery office and the children go to the childminder. Below a random Tuesday:

 Wake up: At 5:45 the alarm goes off and I love to snooze for 5 minutes. Then I get out of bed, freshen up, put on my hair and makeup and get dressed. I have a Waldkorn rusk with sprinkles and a cup of optimel. Then it is time (06:30) to brush teeth and to wake up the children and get dressed. At 07:00 I drop them both off with a big hug and kiss from the childminder.

Morning:  I always start at work with a good cup of coffee, when the traffic is fine and I arrive on time with the childminder: then I start working at 08:00. If the children don’t feel like it in the morning, getting up takes a little longer and I start a little later. Fortunately you can.

Every morning at 09:00 I have a meeting with the whole team and I finish some jobs. Don’t forget to keep up with the mailbox a bit.


Midda g :

Fortunately, the afternoon always starts with lunch. As you know I love to eat. If you already have your breakfast at a quarter past six, I will be eating by noon! After lunch I look what the day will bring. I try to finish what has to be done in the morning. I often prepare for upcoming jobs and try to help colleagues. Sometimes there is something unexpected in between, fortunately I always have time for that.

By the way, did you know that I am a label specialist ? This means that I am responsible for all texts on the packaging of our beers. We sell in 120 countries and each country has different laws. Very fun and challenging. What impossible combination can I get today?

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Evening:  I pick up the children at 5:30 PM, which I just pick up when I leave the Brewery at 4:30 PM. It’s nice to see them again, luckily they are happy to see me every time haha. Fifteen minutes later we are home and I drop all the stuff in the hallway and try to play with them for a while. My children are in bed before 19:00 and time is very tight.


Fortunately Jeffrey is already at home and has already cooked for us. The children have a with the childminder; ate. After we bath them, they go to sleep. Finally time to eat yourself and clean up all the mess and do some cleaning. Fortunately, we often do the latter together, I take care of the toys and the diaper bag and Jeffrey then does the dishes. Take the vacuum cleaner through the house once and clean the toilet. We then sit down with a cup of coffee on the couch and talk about the day that has come and coming, then we watch a series together.


Daily routine on a day off

On a day off, I have a completely different routine. Everything is possible and may be, although I try to stick to it regularly. It is just that way, it is different: we just turn it around. I don’t want to have to do the whole household on my day off, so I try to do something every day. On working days and on days off. On a day off, for example, I do the bigger jobs: such as the bathroom or the kitchen.

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The most important thing is to enjoy my day off with the children. That is why we are going to do something fun every day. This can be a part of a day at an (indoor) playground , visit friends / family, we bake something or we go out into nature. We don’t need much.

By the way, I try to cook in the morning. Ize then goes to the playgroup in the morning and Luke can still have a good time. When we eat, I just warm it up again. I tried cooking at the end of the afternoon, but the children are invariably “difficult” and need more attention. This way I can give it to them. In addition, it also gives a lot of freedom, I never have to be home in time to make the food. How do you do this?



Sorry, it’s quite a long article. As you can see I like structure but I can also let go more and more. I am really much better in my own skin. Tip: what helps me is to use a planner / agenda . I always choose a family planner.

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