Consider These Five Most Commons Accidents When Planning For Your New Kitchen

Kitchens are known to be one of the most important rooms in a home. It is the heart of a house but despite its essence, it contains many factors and tolls that pose safety risks to your family. Perhaps, you are thinking of remodeling and getting a new kitchen to avoid any safety issues. Some of these hazards include cooking fires, which is listed as one of the top accidents that occur in the kitchen. Other hazardous tasks involve knives, blenders, microwaves, food processors, and cookware.

Fires associated with kitchen accidents are mostly linked to the cooking peak that happens during holidays. During the Thanksgiving season, the cooking frequency increases up to three times compared to a normal day. This also increases the risk of cooking-related fires. The holidays always bring back the lovely spirit of enjoying food with the family and friends but if you get into an accident, that happy moment can turn into a disaster and may even send you to the hospital. Injuries that occur in the kitchen can ruin an excellent dinner and even cause major problems. Slips, cuts, fires, and other kitchen-related injuries are some of the foremost common dangers found within the kitchen.

Most Common Kitchen Accidents

Cooking fires

Fires that involve any cooking equipment accounts as some of the most common causes of the reported house fire cases. Having an unattended cooking appliance is also a cause for house fires. Other fires are caused by oil, fat, and grease spills getting in contact with any heat or fire source.

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Burns can happen for various reasons. An example is when an unattended pot with boiling water is suddenly pulled down by an unsuspecting child which can cause serious burns. Another cause of burns is when a pan of oil that gets too hot may get ignited. The heated oil may cause burns to the person that will be holding it and may even set the kitchen ablaze. Another cause for burns includes loose clothing that might dangle to the flames from any gas burners. Putting frozen foods into a hot fryer filled with heated oil may result in the oil to bubble up splashing to your arm and hand. Pan and pot handles can become heated with the burner and your unprotected hand might suffer burns.

Knife Cuts

Lacerations that are caused by knives of all types have reportedly affected around 350,000 people just in 2012 alone, according to the data by the Product Safety Commission. Dull knives are literally more hazardous than sharp ones. Dull knives need more pressure when using it and the applied pressure lessens the control on the knife. The knife can slide off the item you are cutting and cut your fingers.

Electrical Accidents

It is common knowledge that it would be disastrous to get electricity in contact with any water droplet. If you have a plugged-in appliance that accidentally comes in contact with a water source, electrocution is bound to happen. If you have plants that have any moisture or water droplets that might get to appliances can give you an unprecedented electric shock. If you are fixing your appliances and you accidentally stuck a metal object to an electric source such as a toaster, you will surely get an electric shock. Extension cords that are overloaded with plugs may have short circuit problems resulting in electric shock or even a kitchen fire.

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Slips and Falls

Spills are inevitable in a kitchen since it contains all types of liquids. If the spilled liquid has oil or any sort of grease in it, a person can slip. The worst part is if it was a bad fall as it can cause serious injuries. Someone slipping in any spillage may suffer sprains, broken bones, concussions, and fractures. Climbing on small ladders to reach higher cabinets must be dealt with caution to avoid falling. When planning your new kitchen, always consider the locations of your cabinets and avoid putting it too high up that may require you to be highly elevated, increasing the risk of a fall.

The kitchen is one of the most essential spaces in every house due to its functionality. Desiring to renovate it and have a brand new kitchen is a good decision as it can help increase the value of your home. However, you need to consider that a kitchen is a dangerous place especially if you have kids around the house. Always consider these common kitchen accidents when planning for your new kitchen to keep your family safe from any serious injuries.


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