Clean Air Revolution Hits the Roads of London

The future is looking greener for haulage companies, with more new technologies being tested on large trucks. Waste disposal vehicles in Westminster have been fitted with a replacement exhaust system that has been successful in significantly reducing emissions. The Council is hopeful that this solution will have a huge impact on the overall health of the city (and eventually the entire country), as more and more heavy-duty vehicles are fitted with the technology.

What Is It?

The innovative system has been developed by Eminox in partnership with Veolia and Westminster City Council. It works by combining Amminex ASDS (Ammonia Storage and Delivery System) technology and Selective Catalytic Reduction with a Diesel Particulate Filter. These components work together to remove nitrogen oxides (atmospheric pollutants) from the engine exhaust.

It was trialled on two Westminster City Council Euro 5 refuse collection vehicles, and the results showed that the technology allowed the trucks to perform to even better standards than the newer (Euro 6) vehicles. After both lab and field testing, it was revealed that nitrogen oxide levels had fallen by an incredible 99% with the new exhaust system. As a result, the innovation has received accreditation by the Energy Saving Trust and CVRAS (The Clean Vehicle Retrofit Accreditation Scheme), which formally recognises the technology as a solution to reach clean air targets. The two test trucks will continue to run with the new system, and there are plans for the remaining trucks in the fleet to be fitted early next year.

The Ultra-Low Emission Zones (ULEZ) target set by Transport for London will be easily exceeded by vehicles with this new technology, meaning that eventually there could be cleaner air all across London. Regional Director for Veolia London, Pascal Hauret, stated that the system represented a huge opportunity for cities across the country to improve their air quality.

Since the tests there has been a surge in positivity in the industry, and brilliant support from councils and environmental teams. The Eminox Retrofit Sales Director, Carlos Vicente, praised Westminster City Council’s ongoing support, stating that it allowed them to form a partnership with Veolia and Amminex, “to develop real-world Euro 6 ULEZ solutions for the most prestigious RCV fleet in the country”.

Looking to the Future

Now that the waste sector has adopted the technology, it shouldn’t be long before haulage companies can too. More lorries emitting fewer harmful gases is sure to cause a significant change in the air quality in the UK, consequently creating a greener, healthier environment for all.

Many city councils are actively embracing these new innovations and are positive that more progress will be made as more businesses invest in ULEZ solutions. This ground-breaking success in the waste sector has led to both fantastically low emissions and very high spirits, inspiring many other workers in the industry to work towards saving the planet.

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