Choosing A New Bed – Which Style Is Right For You?


When buying a new bed there are many different things to think about: comfort, size, durability, storage and style are perhaps the most important. This piece of writing will examine the different styles of bed that are available in the shops today.

The Divan Bed

Enduringly popular, there are many of these sold every year. The divan bed is basically a base on which a mattress can be placed, and headboard attached if desired. They are usually cheaper than other types of bed, and they typically come with storage drawers in the base. Nowadays, however, they are considered by some to be a little old fashioned and lacking in style.

The Sleigh Bed

It is quite obvious how this type of bed comes by its name! Looking like a sleigh, it is considered by many to be very stylish and modern. It has both a headboard and a footboard – both of which feature an outward curl at their end (although some modern designs do not include this feature). The footboard is usually smaller in size than the headboard.

Sleigh beds come in a wide variety of different materials, but the most common is wood. The main disadvantage with the sleigh bed is its size. They are not the best choice for small rooms as they can make the room look a little cramped. In addition, they may not be a good option for people who are very tall! Lastly, they rarely include any storage, and, because they sit low to the floor, there isn’t enough space to put items underneath. In reality they are a statement piece of furniture that adds an air of sophistication to a room rather than a practical item.

The Wooden or Metal Bed Frame

A bed frame can improve the look of a room. There is normally enough space under the frame for storage too. Unfortunately, as with the sleigh bed, they are not always a suitable option for very tall people.

The Cabin Bed and Mid Sleeper

These are normally used for children and teenagers who have small bedrooms, as they are great space saving options. Cabin beds are slightly different from mid sleepers – the space under the bed is not left empty and is generally smaller. The space under a cabin bed usually incorporates built in storage units such as cupboards and drawers – this type of unit works well as part of a fully fitted bedroom. The space under a mid sleeper can be used for free standing items such as desks or small sofas.

Bunk Beds

Again, another option normally used by children, these are perfect for siblings who share a room. Designed as a space saver, they are universally loved by kids who think the idea of climbing a ladder to go to bed is great fun!

The Ottoman Bed

Ottoman beds are a good option for those who need a lot of storage space. The whole of the top lifts up providing a large storage area in the base. However, this feature can be heavy, so may not be the right choice for those who have difficulty lifting.

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