Checklist for checking holiday SMS and email distribution

November and December are rich in holidays and events that can be used as reasons for mailings.

Have you already planned to send SMS and email to increase sales? Check if everything is in order with your holiday newsletter by going through our checklist:


The sender’s name increases brand awareness. Plus, signed messages are not treated as spam. Operator requirements for the sender’s name:


  • in Latin,
  • no longer than 11 characters,
  • no special characters or spaces,
  • matches your brand/brand name.

Personalization makes communication with customers more trustworthy. It can be the name of the client at the beginning of the SMS or a unique promotional code for a discount. For example, Anton gets a 10% discount using the NHG321 promo code.


The offer (what you offer to customers) must be present in the SMS, otherwise, it simply does not make sense. Formulate it in one short sentence, try to describe the conditions of the promotion as clearly as possible, without general phrases. For example, Anna, order 2 pizzas and get 3 for free 

A call to action in the form of a verb in an imperative form (choose, buy, receive as a gift, etc.) increases the chances that the client will take the targeted action. You can combine it in one sentence with an offer. For example, Maria, choose a bag from the new collection

Contacts at the end of the message (link to the site, phone number for the appointment, store address) make the purchase process easier and therefore increases its chances. For example, Roman, go through the medical examination with a 15% discount.

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The maximum message size in Cyrillic is 70 characters. If you exceed this limit, you will pay for each message, as for 2. Some want to cheat and write messages in transliteration, but you don’t need to do this, since such SMS often annoy recipients, are less effective, and get more complaints about spam.

Links that you give in SMS (for example, to the catalog of an online store) must be shortened by special services, such as Bitly. This will allow you not to waste precious symbols, the number of which is limited.

The unsubscribe link removes the risk that SMS recipients will complain about spam. If someone doesn’t want to read messages from you, they’ll just unsubscribe. In the Atomic SMS service, you can insert a link to unsubscribe in one click.


The text must occupy at least 20% of the message, otherwise, it risks being blocked by spam filters. Do not submit just a picture with a link.

Images are also important to pass the spam filter. Text-to-link advertisements have an increased risk of being scammed. In addition, the visual will help show your products or products, which will increase the chances of a purchase.

Template width 600px is universal. Such a letter will be displayed correctly in any email client.

Use hyperlinks to avoid spam. Emails with links not embedded in the text look suspicious to filters.

Do not attach files, it is better to give links to them, otherwise the risk of not getting into the Unsorted folder increases

Spam words make the email suspicious of filters. Here are some of them: freebie, 100% guarantee, click here, follow the link, prize, income, earn easy, chance, free. For a complete list of spam words, see our other article.

Adaptation for mobile devices increases the effectiveness of email campaigns because 3 out of 5 users check their email from their phones.

The shorter the email subject, the higher their open rate. Most of the discoveries are received by letters in which it is 10-20 characters long. Also, use emojis – they will help make the letter in your inbox stand out from many others.

An offer relevant to an event is a guarantee of high sales. Make, for example, a selection of themed products for the holiday. And for even more details on what to offer for each holiday, read our other article.

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