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In today’s time, it is imperative for all of us to find a way to make their online presence. The recent pandemic Covid-19 has rendered most of us homebound. Due to this situation we want everything to be available safely as well as conveniently to us, just with the ease of pressing few buttons on our mobiles or laptops. However, apart from that, each day people are getting busier and nobody has much of a leisure time these days. Most of the activities which a few years before people used to do enjoying taking a sip of the coffee and sitting in the balcony, are being done in the cars and trains while they are traveling. A prime example of this is reading the newspaper which a few years back was an integral part of our daily routines. Nowadays people hardly have time to read newspapers so they read the news while they are traveling. That is the reason you have to grow virtually, in order to stay economically viable.

To achieve this, you must always go for professional web designers and web developers so that your website looks impeccable and professional in appearance. There are many companies that offer you these services in cheaper rate. However having an expert who has vast knowledge of the whole field and who will provide you all impeccably professional looking website is extremely important, as this very website will be the representative of your business, and if this website doesn’t have the desired looking effect then you will lose many users.

How to Find Best Web Developers and Designers

While choosing the company for your website creation you must keep in mind what kind of designers and developers are there in it. You have to keep in mind that they have proper knowledge of Website design and Website coding.

Companies which will work best for your business would be the ones that can boast of the best graphic designers, website designers as well as developers/coders in their teams.

The most important thing apart from having a qualified set of web designers and web developers is to have prior experience in designing and creating such websites.

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However, having the requisite technical skills of a designer or a developer is not enough but it is also imperative that the team has good soft skills like design talent as well as project management skills.

Technical skill of any web designing or a developing is an easy thing to comprehend however the underlying soft skills like their design talent as well as the project management skills are also equally important, in most cases are not given much significance.

However, if you choose a company like Pixygen, which is one of the most premier names in website development and designing, then you can rest assured of working with a team which perfectly fill all of the above-mentioned pre-requisites.

The Ways a Website Generates ROI

There are multiple ways how a business can make money on the Internet and how tech-savvy entrepreneurs would be able to make a notable amount of profit by deploying a solid business model which is web-based in nature. It is needed to be understood however that every kind of business does not lend itself well to the Web. Having said this, there are few industries which have proven extremely successful online. There are certain ways how you could make money with an Internet business, like:

  • Collecting advertising revenue
  • Selling products as well as services
  • Building a thriving online marketplace.

Let’s Have a Look How Various Industries are Generating Business Online. Let us take the success stories of websites like Amazon and Flipkart into consideration.

Flipkart, a company which started off as an online book sales website quickly expanded into the field of other products like consumer electronics, home essential, fashion, lifestyle products, and even grocery. This prominent e-commerce company which has for the financial year 2019-2020, reported a revenue of Rs 34,610 crore, has its headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, India but is registered in Singapore.

Similarly, Amazon Retail India, which is a subsidiary of a multinational technology company of American origin, having their headquarters based in Seattle, Washington, registered an annual turnover of 139 crores in the year 2019.

There are multiple ways how these websites could be created. It has to be kept in mind that each website structure is different than the other. There are various website types that are available to us. Let us see some of the categories and their successful examples:

  • The eCommerce websites, business to business websites like Snapdeal, Flipkart, and Amazon which focus mostly on buying and selling of products.
  • Entertainment websites like Netflix and Amazon Prime which focus on providing online entertainment content like movies, web series, and documentaries.
  • Educational websites like Byjus which enables students to choose various courses to enroll and learn online and upgrade their skills.
  • Gaming portals such as
  • Newspaper websites like the and which provide daily newspapers in PDF format for online consumption.
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How Can Pixyzen Help You?

This leading Website Design Company in Kolkata, India, is the market leader for many reasons. Some of them are:

  • Prior Meetings with the Client: Planning out the course of action of how we can improve your online presence, we sit for a meeting with our clients and understand their requirements. Through these meetings, we intend to find out the kind of business that they are offering and the motto of the enterprise so that we can convert these ideas into the website in a proper way.
  • Thorough Research: After the meeting, we do thorough research on the company and the kind of business that it wants to offer so that we understand the market that it wants to cater to.
  • Creating a Prototype: We then create a prototype with much contemplation and a thorough understanding of the overall scenario.
  • Client’s Approval First Priority: After doing that we send the client for their approval and only when they have given a green signal to proceed, we give it a go.
  • Pixel Perfect Design: Our company strives to provide you a design that is pixel perfect which means that each image that will be provided in the website will have same resolution, perfect line to line alignment, extremely good font size and uniform typing as well as the paragraphing will be equally distanced. We also maintain providing our clients with SEO friendly designs.
  • Responsive Designs: All our designs are extremely mobile-friendly because we understand that the resolution for laptops as well as mobile are different and with people becoming busier by the day, they are opting to use mobiles instead of laptops in most of the cases. That is the reason we understand that the website that we will create needs to be extremely mobile responsive.
  • Programming Language: There are various kinds of languages that are available like WordPress, HTML etcetera but we proceed with our website with whatever language our clients would recommend.
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All the developers that work in our company have more than 6 years of experience. No novice is used for website development in order to avoid any kind of mistakes.

  • Secure Server: We always use secure servers for our websites. Every once in a week data backup is also done for safe keeping of all the data.
  • Latest Trendy Designs: Advance animation with focus on realism is done.
  • Testing: To do this job we have few testers in our team who are testing all the functionalities and features before they are delivered to the client. We do this to ensure that the ultimate end result will be absolutely full proof without any kind of flaws.

These websites come with maps and directions to the companies’ shops as well as their offices for any kind of visitors to find the location in an easy way. The contact number provided in the website also helps in easy connectivity with the clients.

By having a website and creating their online presence strategy, thus, a business would be able to market themselves online effectively. The credibility of a business is also established through a website, because this can either make break a company. That is the reason one must not ever take a chance with their web designing and development and always depend on a reputed name like Pixygen to do their work.


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