ChARM EMR vs. NextGen EMR: Pricing and Reviews


What’s better, Charm EMR or NextGen EMR? Compare the similarities and differences between these two Health IT platforms with real user reviews focused on ease of use, functionalities, customer service, and value for money. The comparison will improve your chances of choosing the right product for your business. It is imperative that you understand your practice’s unique requirements to pick the service that caters to those needs. Let’s explore what Charm EHR Reviews and NextGen EHR reviews have in store for us.

Charm EMR – An Overview

CHARM EHR is a HIPAA compliant, MU certified, cloud-based electronic health recording solution designed to support healthcare organizations ranging from small independent medical offices to large multi-specialty groups. The UI comes with simple and readily recognizable icons that bring efficiency to a practice’s workflow. Core features of the solution include referral modules, integrated patient intake forms, telehealth, document management, and more. The software’s customizable SOAP templates enable practitioners to quickly record patient visits and archive them in a database for future reference.  Its pricing is also distinctive and assists practices in managing the cost of software acquisition. In addition to that, staff can tailor reorder thresholds for each inventory and create reports on drug expiry dates, existing stock, and reorder levels. 

NextGen EMR

NextGen offers an electronic health record (EHR) solution designed for ambulatory practices of all sizes. The solution allows users to coordinate patient care while meeting the standards of healthcare reform demands, such as population health, Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), and other value-based care demands. Practitioners can access state-of-the-art tools to ensure effective and quick documentation. The solution also deals with administrative and clinical tasks like revenue management and appointment scheduling. Using the NextGen EHR system, users can access accurate information, enhance care coordination, improve diagnosis, and reduce risk.

Pricing Comparison:

The pricing details for both products are not shared openly by their vendors.

User Reviews – Pros and Cons

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According to ChARM EHR user reviews, the software offers ease of use and has an intuitive user interface.  As per NextGen EHR Reviews, the software is easy to use and navigate and does a pretty great job with regulatory changes.
User reviews also suggest that the software comes with a slick new OS and allows patients to link multiple clinics. The technical support team is very quick to assist users with their issues.
This software is easily customizable and offers a wide range of templates for pre-completed notes. Users find the software very intuitive as it allows them to keep the complete patient information organized in one place.  


User reviews show that their customer service is offshore and is not “real-time.” Some users complain that the software slows down and freezes often.
Reporting can be cumbersome at times. The software’s e-learning site is a little challenging to navigate.  
Some users also point out design issues with billing, including integrated billing clearinghouse and downloading ERA’s. It isn’t easy to transfer from other EMRs to this system. Users complain about how they require a lot of manpower in order to get up and running unless they are willing to pay hefty migration fees.


Take-home message: 

While key features of Charm EHR and NextGen EHR should matter, you should also carefully examine the deployment and integrations provided by each software. Don’t forget to read up on Charm EHR Reviews and NextGen EHR Reviews before picking one for your practice.

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