Can average students have a fantastic performance IIT-JEE?


If you have a strong belief in yourself, you will. If you think the negative, your mind will also have a negative perception or preparation towards it. Whether you are an average student or the best in your class, you will face various students on the IIT JEE entrance exams each year. As Thomas Edison put it, “Genius: One Percent Inspiring, 99 Percent Sweating,” it is true that the average student can pass IIT JEE. All that differs from a mattress topper, and the average student is the level of commitment to the goal and how much you focus on achieving it.

Even if you are an average student who wants to aim high and get admitted to IIT, you can do that if you focus and work hard. It is best to start early and prepare the entire IIT JEE curriculum and course materials. Additionally, best IIT coaching in Thane is available to help you come out in flying colours. It’s a good idea to start your preparation as early as grade 11 and answer the basic questions, try your luck with the problems, and take the time to review the chapters. Here are some steps to make sure that even as an ordinary student, you can break IIT JEE while attending IIT Academy in Thane:

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Stay Focused: Regardless of your current position in the classroom, if you want to study and achieve a goal, you can do so by staying focused. Eliminate interference such as TV, web trolling and cell phone conversations. After all, it’s only two years of hard work for you to get the job you want at IIT.

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Self-confidence: You must have confidence in your skills. Thinking negative thoughts about your success won’t help you dream big. So make sure you can do it and work towards your goal. Commitment and focus on preparing for IIT JEE at the best IIT coaching in Thane can help.

Plan and organise your schedule – It’s essential to set a schedule and stick to it. Keep the time accurate and program each item for an equal number of hours. It wouldn’t help you if you only studied physics for a few weeks and started chemistry and math. This will leave you disconnected from the topics you studied a few weeks ago. So make sure you work on the issues at the same time, like in school.

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Increase Focus: The only difference between a geeky student who performs better and an average student is the focus level. If you can increase your focus a few degrees over others, you can learn better and retain information longer. Try meditation and yoga too.

Use Appropriate JEE Books and Materials – Whether you’ve taken online classes or have regular tutoring, you must follow them.

IIT Academy in Thane has a separate module for self-practice questions online. Using it to test your knowledge and become aware of your weaknesses can help you better prepare. Try out the details shared in the article and you will be glad you did.