Branding : Because it is essential for Marketing


Creating a precise identity for your company, with a distinctive image and giving value to your products and services, is the basis of a successful business model: this is possible thanks to branding.

The word recalls an element that in modern marketing acquires a fundamental value, such as brand or brand.

In fact, when you choose a product or service from a particular company, things like the logo and slogan will appear in your mind, along with something deeper, which will cause you to have a series of emotions. and feelings towards the brand. Through these perceptions, you will remember a specific product and choose to primarily use that brand.  Our ingenious solutions allow you to surpass your competitors in Google’s search results.

Being able to create those particular sensations and leave the brand image imprinted in your mind is a complex and well-articulated process.

If you are wondering how to get there and what are the strategies to make your brand effective, you will find all the information below.

What is branding

Branding can be considered as the set of activities and strategies through which the presence of a brand in the market can be managed and strengthened, differentiating it from that of other competitors and creating distinctive traits such as a slogan or brand. .

To quote the words of one of the foremost experts in the field of brand marketing, Professor Kevin L. Keller, in his text on marketing management, defines brand as the process that can make products or services acquire the power of the brand, or give them an identity and create a specific distinction in the market.

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We know how a business works and implement the right strategies to generate targeted sales and unlock your growth.

Branding is therefore a marketing strategy through which you will have the possibility of defining your brand well in relation to others, helping people to choose your product or service over that of the competition.

It can be seen as a process, a kind of journey that allows you to create a specific image of your company, making it acquire value.

Clarifying this concept is very important, especially for the profound changes that the digital revolution and new forms of advertising on the web have induced on sales.

To simplify the above definitions you will have:

  • a product: this will be what you sell to a customer, a concrete and visible reality;
  • the brand: it is the image perceived by a user in reference to the unique product, through which a specific identity is generated;
  • branding: this is the process by which this image is formed in the subject’s mind.

Brand strategies are born precisely to satisfy these particular characteristics of the brand. Indeed, both concrete and material and immaterial elements are added to it.

In the first case, reference is made to the logo or brand, to the product itself and to the packaging, all elements clearly visible to the user and representative of your company.

The brand also includes different realities that are not tangible. To quote Keller, “a brand defines the degree of notoriety, reputation and notoriety that characterizes the product it identifies”.

This means that there will be things like the mission of the company, the goals that prompted you to start a certain business, and the presence of specific qualities of the product.

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Those mentioned are the set of elements that cannot be visible to the customer, but that create that identity that allows your company to differentiate itself from the competition.

It is therefore necessary to rely on someone with the right skills, such as the SEO consulting team within the Swiss digital pitch web agency.

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