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Best Website Builder

Best Website Builder has been one of the most popular website builders for quite some time. The downside with them is that it can take you several weeks or months to get a fully functional site.

There is some unique functionality that isn’t available with the other site builders on this list. For example, Website Builder has one of the few templating systems that you can integrate with WordPress, but most of the other services on this list have similar support. With this extra functionality, however, you get a site that is fully customizable and easy to setup.

Website Builder has an auto-formating blog so it’s easy for businesses to use it to create and manage company blogs. It also comes with ecommerce so you can easily sell products directly to your customers.

Website Templates

Website Templates is a website builder that will have you building a site in a few minutes. The choice of the templates is great, and as a bonus, you can choose to have your site using English or French, your language preference. That’s not all.

This web developer will help you to create a WordPress website. This platform is ideal for people who prefer blogging. You don’t have to pay for a WordPress blog, and you get a free hosting package. If you want a simple but effective business website, then Website Builder is the best website builder for you.

Sell Online

If you’ve never sold an item before, it’s easy to get intimidated. If you have a starter item, or something you think would sell, but you want to improve it or learn more about selling, Sell Online is an excellent place to start.

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There are great tutorials on how to set up a store with an automatic checkout system, which makes setting up your own e-commerce site simple. You can sell items like art prints, cards, jewelry, clothing, and other homemade items. Plus, you’ll learn how to reach the right customers through a variety of marketing tools.

In addition to learning how to set up your own e-commerce site, you’ll also learn how to manage your income, keep track of expenses, and even learn how to negotiate.

Marketing Tools

Twyver Twyver is a growing marketing automation system that allows you to build custom websites on Similar to HubSpot, Twyver is a more complex platform than SproutSocial, so it’s not the right choice if you don’t need a large network of bloggers to build the media ecosystem.

But if you need something that is not as much about bloggers as it is about increasing traffic to your website, Twyver may be the right solution.

Market Research Tools 37. Magnify Intelligence Magnify Intelligence is an inbound marketing platform that helps your company figure out who your audience is and what they want to know about your brand. It has integrations with MailChimp, Google Analytics and others. Click Buy 38.


Now that you have a way to present your business, you must ensure that your site reflects your product or service. If your site is a flop, you lose a lot of the trust and credibility that you spent time building. Once you have an effective site, you can proceed with the next steps to grow your business.

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A Preamble While there are many business builders out there, these five products were selected based on our research. If your business is an e-commerce store or you specialize in products that could easily be seen online, you may find other tools suited for your needs.

This is simply our opinion; you should do your own research and discover which tool suits your business the best.

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