Best parental control app for kids 2020

Parents these days believe in digital parenting because cellphone technology has changed the course of the modern young generation. They want to set parental control on their children’s devices because to impose some restrictions to prevent them from inappropriate browsing activities. Moreover, they want to protect teens from the online predator’s likewise serial sex offenders, stalkers, and cyberbullies.

In addition to that, parents want to protect teen’s online privacy especially when they share photos, videos on social media and make chat conversations and send and receive text messages. Moreover, online dating, sexual hookups are common in teens and they also get attracted to drug abuse. Therefore, parents have to get their hands on the best parental control app for kids in 2020.

What is the parental monitoring app?

There is plenty of software are available on the web that claims as parental tracking apps. However, OgyMogy happens to the best in the business because it’s been developed for the safety of the children addicted to cellphones and cyberspace. You can use it to keep an eye on kid’s and teens’ activities which they perform on the cellular network of mobile or on the web and social messaging apps.

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You just need to install it on the target device and further empowers it to navigate its powerful and sturdy features to upload valuable information to a web portal.  You can use tools like screen recorder, call recording, social media messenger monitoring app, screenshots, keylogger, and plenty of others alike.


It is fully compatible with the cellphones and other gadgets like tablet devices running with Android operating systems. In addition to that, it works undercover on the target device and remains undetected on the target android OS version 10 and above devices.

How to get & install phone parental control software?

No matter what possibilities you have to stop your children from excessive cellphone usage physically, but at the end of the day you have to use the piece of technology to keep constant surveillance. Therefore, I would suggest that go and visit the web and get access to the official webpage of OgyMogy.

Once you have got the access then visit its subscription page and get the license by fulfilling the formalities. In response, you will get the credentials in terms of passcode and ID when you visit your email account inbox. Now get physical access on the target mobile device and start the process of installation. Furthermore, end up with the installation process and complete the setup on the target device. However, you need to hide the cell phone monitoring app on the target device and you will see a pop –up message on the screen before the activation process. It will enable you to hide the best parental control app for kids on the target device. Now use the credentials and get access to the online control panel. Take a further step ahead and get access to the powerful features that is been developed to set parental monitoring on the target device.

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Use OgyMogy mobile parental control powerful Features on kid’s cellphone

IM’s social media

Parents can get rid of social media dangers, because they can get access installed social media apps and websites and get the logs of teens activities using social media parental control. It empowers you to get access to the logs of messages, chat, audio-video voice calls, shared photos, videos, and last but not the least voice messages.

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Call recording

You can record all incoming and outgoing calls on the target mobile device using secret call recorder software. Moreover, deliver the data of the calls to the online dashboard as a reminder.

Live screen recording

You can perform live screen recording and further empowers you to record videos of the mobile screen in a series and send the recorded videos to the web portal.


Users can get access to the web portal and schedule plenty of screenshots on the target device to set parental control because you will get screenshots that keep you updated.


Other than the above mentioned features there are dozens of others that you can use to monitor kid’s activities on children’s cellphone by using OgyMogy cellphone parental control software.








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